YouTube was caught testing a new feature for playing games

YouTube is reportedly testing a new feature called Playables, allowing users to play arcade games within the platform.

YouTube, the video sharing platform, is now starting to expand into gaming. Not an ecosystem cloud-gameinstead the platform is reportedly adding a small arcade game feature called Playables.

Reported by Gizmochina (7/9), the feature is currently only accessible to a few lucky beta testers and is still in the early stages of development.

These features appear as tabs next to content in the home feed. This mini-game feature will be playable on desktop or mobile.

One example of a game is Stack Bounce, where players guide a ball through a ring. If this sounds familiar, this game was previously introduced by Google on the now-defunct GameSnacks service.

This move begs the question: Are YouTube gaming features just an iterative idea or the start of something big?

As Netflix and TikTok begin to enter the gaming scene, YouTube’s breakthrough may seem too late. In contrast to the ambitious but ultimately fiasco Stadia service, YouTube appears to be treading water with caution.

The platform has even introduced a “History” tab to save game progress, hinting at the potential for more complex on-platform gaming in the future.






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