YOOV and IDE by Indosat Business Encourage MSME Growth

News – IDE by Indosat Business, part of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat), announced its partnership with YOOV, a technology company specializing in developing corporate management systems for various industries and scales.

Through this collaboration, IDE by Indosat Business and YOOV will provide innovative solutions specifically designed to support MSME business operations in Indonesia.

“The collaboration between IDE by Indosat Business and YOOV is our commitment to support the progress of MSMEs in Indonesia. “We believe that efficient business management and centralized human resource management will help MSMEs in Indonesia develop their business,” said Pushpendra Kumar, SVP – Head of SMB Business Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.

As part of this partnership, YOOV will introduce comprehensive software solutions for the Indonesian market, including YOOV WORK, a human resource management system, and YOOV LANCODE, a business operations system.

With this solution, MSMEs in Indonesia will be able to increase their operational efficiency, facilitate sustainable business growth, and achieve success.

“This partnership leverages YOOV’s extensive digital technology expertise and Indosat’s strong network infrastructure. “This combination will empower businesses in various sectors to optimize MSME operations, increase productivity and open up business growth opportunities,” said Phil Wong, CEO of YOOV.

YOOV WORK will enable businesses to manage their human resources more effectively, including attendance tracking and performance evaluation.

With advanced features like employee portals, automated workflows, and powerful reporting, companies can increase productivity, drive employee engagement, and make decisions based on accurate data.

YOOV LANCODE will give businesses the ability to easily develop custom systems to suit their unique needs. This can be done easily via the drag-and-drop method, without the need for in-depth coding knowledge.

Companies can design, implement, and modify these systems for various purposes such as inventory management, tracking sales and purchases, or managing other operational processes.

This system will empower businesses to adapt quickly to dynamic market changes, improve decision-making processes, and achieve operational excellence.

“With this partnership, YOOV and Indosat Business are fully committed to providing the solutions and technology needed by MSMEs and companies in Indonesia to grow in the digital era, change the way they manage business operations, and achieve sustainable success,” concluded Pushpendra.






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