xDefiant Delayed After Being Rejected by PlayStation and Xbox

xDefiant is an FPS game that is expected to be a strong contender in this genre. However, fans will have to be patient a little longer because the release date will be postponed. Because it has been confirmed that this game from Ubisoft will be postponed.

This delay will not only affect fans, but also Ubisoft as the developer. Mark Rubin, as Executive Producer, revealed several reasons that influenced this delay.

xDefiant rejected console


Ubisoft is known to have carried out a series of trials and Quality Assurance stages to ensure game perfection over the last few months. However, they experienced problems in obtaining eligibility certification on PlayStation and Xbox.

Mark explained that this process includes Functionality Testing and Compliance Testing. The first process takes around 2-3 weeks to carry out Functionality Testing related to gameplay and other features.

Postponed until October 2023


Unfortunately, this IP did not succeed in passing Eligibility or Certification on Console, whether from Xbox or PlayStation as the platform. They received the results of this test in mid-August 2023.

After seeing the test results, Ubisoft will need around 3-4 weeks to fix all the bugs found. They also have to repeat the functionality testing process until they reach the compliance testing stage

Overall, this process takes about a month to reach the final product stage. Usually, after all steps are completed, the release date will be set within 1-2 weeks after the finalization stage.

If there are no problems, XDefiant is scheduled to be launched at the end of September 2023. Mark Rubin said that the release process for this game may be postponed until early October 2023. Fans are also asked to be patient in waiting for the game’s release date.

Is Ubisoft really going to make it and this game will be available on consoles? Let’s wait.

source: Eurogamer






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