Wrong Step, Game Dying Light 2 Gets Blasted By Gamers!

A few weeks ago, developer Dying Light 2 game, Techland, announced that they will be introducing a new Item Shop, along with a new premium currency called DL Points. They explained that this store was largely implemented to keep players in the game, and to avoid having to list bundles on digital store platforms. However, now that a store and premium currency have been introduced, fans are outraged to discover unfriendly business practices and an ignored promise that these bundles would only contain cosmetic items.

Most fans were unhappy about the appearance of microtransactions in the game so long after release, but that anxiety turned to anger when they were given a free “Welcome Offer” of 500 DL Points by Techland as a gesture of kindness. However, fans quickly noticed that the cheapest bundle that could be purchased in the Item Shop was for 550 points, leading to outrage over what many fans saw as a cynical attempt by Techland to get more money from their fans.

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Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction on various commonly used social media platforms, especially with regards to premium currency and how Techland forces people to pay more for it. items than they would normally pay because this way of purchasing works. They are also angry because the FireDevil bundle contains a power item called Inferno.

Techland assured players that the bundles in the store would only contain cosmetic items when they were announced, but fans felt that they had broken this promise due to the presence of these items.

Most fans Dying Light 2 agree that the state of the game has declined rapidly in recent months, with many pointing to Chinese mega-publisher Tencent’s recent investment in Techland as the main cause. We don’t know if this is something Techland was asked to do or if this Item Shop was planned from the start, but the latter scenario feels unlikely as there is no Item Shop in Dying Light original.

Whether Techland will listen to fans’ complaints and remove the Item Shop completely remains to be seen. Both game director Tymon Smektala and social media accounts Dying Light 2 game hasn’t addressed the complaints to date, but fans seem to see this as the start of worse business practices in the future. Hopefully that’s not the case, as Techland seems to be a company that regularly takes input from its community into account, but fans are certainly unhappy at the moment.






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