Worst Novaria Build 2023, Defeat Opponent in One Hit

Novaria is a Mobile Legends hero who was released on May 16 2023 as part of the latest update. He is included in the Mage ML hero category with a Burst or Poke specialty. One of Novaria’s abilities is to provide crowd control with a large area.

Like other heroes, all of Novaria’s abilities can be maximized if you use the right build. Here are recommendations for the sickest Novaria build for 2023 that you can try.

Build Novaria Items Hurt 2023

  1. Clock of Destiny: You can use the Clock of Destiny which can provide additional HP, magic damage and mana. This item is very useful in early game and can increase damage upon entry late game. The total additional HP obtained is a maximum of 20, while magic power increases by 4 per 20 seconds.
  1. Blood Wings: This item will provide additional HP. The total Magic Power obtained is 175 Magic Power and 500 HP. This item also offers a shield that recovers within 20 seconds after taking damage.
  1. Holy Crystal: Holy Crystal is able to increase Novaria’s magic damage. In fact, the total increase could reach 21 to 35 percent. You will also get additional Magic Power from the Unique Mystery Passive.
  1. Lightning Truncheon: This item can add magic damage based on Novaria’s HP. This build item is able to strengthen skills after you release a follow-up attack. Approximately 75 Magic Power increases, accompanied by 400 mana and 10% cool down reduction.
  1. Arcane Boots: This shoe item is able to add magic penetration so you can penetrate your opponent’s magic resistance. There is an additional Movement Speed ​​of 40 and Magic Penetration of 10 to complete the Novaria build.

Sick Novaria Emblem

Apart from building items, you also need to know what set of emblems is suitable for killing your opponent with Novaria. Because Novaria is a mage type hero, you can use the mage emblem set with the composition Impurage, Bargain Hunter, and Rapture.

Recommended Battle Spell Novaria

Meanwhile, the most suitable Battle Spell for Novaria heroes is Sprint or Flicker. Using it will help you escape when pressed. Very suitable to complete the Novaria ML build.

Novaria Skills

There are at least 4 skills from Novaria that will help your fight against enemies.

  1. Astral Echo (Ultimate): Novaria is able to bind opponents and give 30% total magic power. The target’s hitbox also increases by around 50% in just 5 seconds.
  1. Astral Recall (Skill 1): Hero Novaria can summon Astral Sphere and add total damage of 150 or + 40% Magic Power. Novaria itself can also get Movement Speed.
  2. Astral Meteor (Skill 2): Novaria can direct Astral Meteor which can produce Magic Damage of 20% slow effect. There is also further damage of 10% which has the potential to increase by up to 60%.
  3. Star Trail (Passive): Opponents affected by Novaria’s skill will receive a mark. When this sign explodes, it will take Magic Damage of 15% of maximum HP.

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Novaria is indeed a newly released hero by Montoon. However, its unique skills make many players immediately use it.

If you are also a Novaria hero user, make sure you choose the right build. Also know Novaria’s combo skills to make this hero even more OP.






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