Wordpad Officially Shuts Down, Turns Out Many Users Are Protesting!

Previously we received news that Microsoft was officially shutting down WordPad, where in the next major update Wordpad would no longer be part of the Windows operating system.

But apparently in feedback hub there are quite a lot of users who are against this, as Wordpad is said to run faster than Microsoft Word.

“I use WordPad for RTF files because it loads faster than MS Word. I keep reference notes in RTF format since Notepad doesn’t allow text formatting. Please add WordPad to the Microsoft Store as you did with MS Paint when it was deprecated from Windows,” ungkap salah satu pengguna di feedback hub. 

Apart from that, Wordpad is also said to be one of the best applications for creating RTF files or Rich Text Formt, which also offers image support which is not present in Notepad. In fact, many argue that Wordpad’s ability to quickly create RTF files is unmatched by Microsoft Word.

“Using WordPad, I can easily make RTF email signatures without any extra unnecessary details. Doing the same thing in Word makes the file much bigger,” ungkap salah satu pengguna lainnya. 

The Decision Has Been Made!

Unfortunately, although there are many users who give feedback Regarding the termination of Wordpad support, the final decision has been made by Microsoft where Wordpad will no longer be updated and will be removed in the next Windows update.

So, are you a Wordpad user? Comment below guys.

Via: Windows Latest, Feedback Hub






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