With the Help of Dream Wings, Discover Unlimited Potential in Life Makeover

Life Makeover features the Divine Serenade 6-Star Equip Set, which will launch after the big Sincere Vow update on August 2 in the UTC time zone. Apart from the luxury package with wings as back accessories, Ally SSR Ashley – Tears of Atum will also be available from August 2 to August 22.

Hopefully with Life Makeover, every player can spread their wings and pursue their dreams in an infinite virtual world.

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By using Unreal Engine 4, Life Makeover seeks to provide a refreshing new experience for all players, especially for those of you who want to create virtual avatars, dress up freely, and interact with friends from various parts of the world.

Limited 6 Star Equip Set – Divine Serenade, Flap Your Wings, Chase Your Dreams!

This dress uses feathers that resemble real feathers with a semi-transparent effect, giving a visual lightness and softness. Underneath the dress, there are metal engravings that add a touch of elegance and grace.

On both sides of the wings, there are special effects of ice and fire. The right side uses a color gradient from silver to black with a snow effect, while the left side uses two types of black feathers to give the impression of different textures. Under the wings, there is a fire effect and rose petals falling from above.

The concept design of this fantasy clothing set aims to enable players to discover unlimited potential in Life Makeover.

5 Star Equip Set – Wind Butterfly

“When you are struggling to chase your dreams, the whole world will welcome your success, even from a small butterfly that you meet by chance on the side of the road. While swinging transparent wings, standing on toes, spinning around in a dress decorated with flowers, let’s chase that dream together. “Hopefully the journey to achieving your dreams will also be filled with warm applause decorated with flowers.”

Based on the concept above, Life Makeover designed the Kupu Angin clothing set.

Ally SSR Ashley – Tears of Atum

“Sister is the closest person who is very familiar.”

The gem sleeping at the bottom of the pool awakens, is this a disaster or a miracle? Dreams that have been submerged for thousands of years await Players to jointly enter the exploration with Ashley.

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, with unlimited custom options, so you can have various beautiful clothes according to your wishes.

Life Makeover uses Unreal Engine 4 technology to present everything in the game in stunning detail. No matter how complicated the models and clothes are, everything can be easily presented realistically in the game.

Life Makeover gives players the opportunity to fully express their unique beauty choices in the virtual world, and can freely customize it from all sides. With the aim that players can get clothes, jewelry and accessories of the highest quality in the virtual world, as if they were the same as in the real world.

The Life Makeover team warmly welcomes players from all over the world and promises an interesting gaming experience and a fun community. We welcome Players to get acquainted and interact in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Players can look forward to various exciting events from the community, especially long-term content creator programs.

How? Are you curious about the game? You can play it by clicking here and start your dream journey!

Oh yes, you can watch the Oath Tulus trailer here, and if you want to find out other information you can visit the official Facebook, Discord and Instagram.






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