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I have a problem on my computer. For several days, this error message always appeared on my PC and it’s very disturbing.

The error message is that Explorer.exe – Application Error. In the error message box there is only one button that is just OK. Once we click OK, the error message box is closing the taskbar and then opening it again after some time.

Although the computer can still be used, but an error message like this is very disturbing. I wonder how the right solution for this except reinstalling the operating system?

Usually problems like this occur if the operating system has a virus, spyware or something. One way to solve that is by looking for files that attacked the problem (in this case Explorer.exe) in the Windows installation CD.

Then Copy to place the operating system you are. Usually on his Windows CD file name is still a filename.?? _ (Same file name, but the last extension was in the form of an underscore character).

If you want to copy using command line interface, type the command Copy X:\location\where\files\in\CD\filename.?? _ C:\Windows\filename.??? (filename is replaced with the desired file, and? replaced with extensions that should be).

So, let’s say if the existence of the Windows CD in the i386 folder, insert the CD, open command prompt, move to [CD Drive]:\i386, then type (copy EXPLORER.EX_ C:\Windows\explorer.exe).

If it still doesn’t work, try running the command from the Windows XP Recovery Control. How to go into this feature is that when inserting the CD and booting Windows using the CD, prepare to press the R key on the keyboard when there’s a message at the bottom to choose to do recovery or install Windows. Just follow the instructions on the screen.






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