Will EVOS Rasyah Be the Successor in EVOS Divine? This is what EVOS SAM13 said

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EVOS Divine appeared mighty in Week 1 FFML Season VI Division 1. From the 3 Matchdays that have been played. EVOS Divine is currently comfortably at the top of the standings away from the 17 other contesting teams.

One of the factors that contributed to EVOS Divine’s success in FFML Season VI Division 1 Week 1 was EVOS Rasyah. His first debut on the Division 1 stage did not seem to make him afraid to show his best performance.

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The presence of EVOS Rasyah in EVOS Divine itself is like shifting EVOS SAM13 which doesn’t really play. In fact, EVOS SAM13 acknowledged that the presence of an EVOS Rasyah at EVOS Divine was to replace his position.

On press conference which took place before FFML Season VI Division 1 took place, EVOS SAM13 mentioned one of the reasons why EVOS Divine finally decided to bring in EVOS Rasyah from EVOS Immortal.

Reasons for EVOS Rasyah’s entry into EVOS Divine

Not only because of his above average skills, EVOS SAM13 said EVOS Rasyah was here to replace his position. Not going anywhere, EVOS SAM13 said that the EVOS Divine team also needed regeneration.

“Rasyah came to replace (position) me too. I’m not going anywhere, but we just need regeneration. we must have new era. So it’s not like that anymore. “Cook in the World Series we are below all (the results),” said EVOS SAM13.

Even though you might say that the EVOS SAM13 figure is difficult to replace, that doesn’t mean that EVOS Rasyah can’t do that. What’s more, in Week 1 he has played quite well and contributed to the team.

If you think about you himself regarding Rasyah’s EVOS game in Week 1 yesterday, do you think he has played well enough for the team and made more contributions?

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