Why was Vine closed by Twitter?

Sad news comes from one of the social media that has been popular for the past few years, Vine, which is an entertainment application where you can find funny and interesting creative videos since 2013, has had to close.

Even though it is officially closed, the Vine application and website can still be opened and is not affected in any way, Vine can still be used and all creative videos made by people around the world are still stored and can be accessed.

The Vine application and website will continue to operate indefinitely, and users will be notified when it is time for the Vine service to stop completely.

Then the question arises: Why was Vine closed by Twitter? Even though Vine’s official press release did not state the reason why Vine was closed, we can all find out the answer now.


This is the reason why Vine was closed by Twitter

Before we talk about Vine, let’s look at the current state of Twitter. Twitter, which today is used by approximately 300 million users, is in fact experiencing a period of crisis.

Twitter Shares Decline Since 2014
  • Since the last 3 years, Twitter users have relatively decreased.
  • Twitter shares fell and were unable to compete with other social media.
  • In 2015, Twitter lost 500 million USD.
  • Since 2013 Twitter has lost 40% of the value of its company shares.
  • Twitter has received acquisition offers from other parties.
  • Google , Disney , Salesforce and Verizon cut ties with Twitter .
  • Twitter cuts its headcount by 9%.

Judging from the points above it is very clear that Twitter is currently dying. Then let’s look at Vine statistics:

  • Acquired by Twitter for 30 Million USD.
  • As of December 2015 there were 200 Million active Vine users.
  • In 2016, Snapchat and Instagram dominated the video-based social media market.
  • Vine failed to compete with Snapchat and Instagram.
  • Vine’s active users plummeted by a huge amount.
  • With a very low number of active users, Vine was unable to make enough profits.

From the two data or statistics above, it is very clear that Twitter is dying at the expense of Vine. Let’s make the analogy that Twitter and Vine boarded a leaky boat, then Vine was sacrificed by Twitter so that both of them wouldn’t both sink.

Indeed, with Twitter’s condition being weakened like this, plus income and workforce continuing to decrease, it seems very difficult to develop Vine to be able to compete with Instagram and Snapchat.

Why Not Just Sell It?

Until now, Twitter has only announced that Vine is closed but not completely closed, so Vine still has status and allows foreign parties who are interested in acquiring Vine to make their best offers to Twitter.

Vine’s closure this time will take a long time, there are several possibilities that could happen to Vine in the next few months. It could be sold or changed into something new by Twitter, we don’t know for sure about this.






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