Why does KAI Access Timeout, Error, and Cannot be Opened? These are the causes and how to overcome them!

Are you someone who likes traveling by train? You are certainly familiar with the KAI Access application, which is a digital service application from PT Kereta Api Indonesia.

Through this application you can order train tickets directly on line. Not only that, you can also access other KAI services such as reschedule, ticket cancellation, KAI logistics, and so on. Apart from the convenience provided by the KAI Access application, sometimes this application experiences problems error.

Of course, while this application is on error could panic potential passengers or KAI Access users. What actually causes KAI Access error and why KAI Access timeout? Come on, take a look at the discussion in the following article.

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Reasons Why KAI Access Timeouts

There are many things that cause KAI Access error or even experience it frequently timeout. This definitely makes KAI Access application users feel annoyed and panicked. Following are some of the reasons why KAI Access Time timeout what you need to know.

Unstable Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection tends to cause problems with applications, especially applications that require internet access. Unstable internet network conditions can cause the KAI Access application to experience problems timeout.

KAI Access Application Bug

Next, there is an error or bugs The KAI Access application can also cause problems, which can cause problems in the application error and inaccessible. Bugs applications sometimes occur because of problems with other applications, or it could also be because corrupted files.

Still Using the Old Version of the Application

Using old versions of applications can be one of the causes of frequent application problems. To overcome this the user needs to do updates latest application.

KAI Access Application Cache and Data Piling Up

Cache is a temporary application file that is no longer used. Cache and accumulated KAI Access temporary data can disrupt application performance. One of them can create an application error.

How to solve KAI Access Can’t Open and Can’t Login

Next, there are several ways you can do to solve the problem of KAI Access not being able to open or login. If you are experiencing this, try doing one of the possible methods below relate with the cause of its emergence error KAI Access application.

Change the Internet Network to Make It Stable

When opening the application, make sure you are using a stable internet network. This will reduce interference when accessing the application. You can switch to another provider that has a stronger network or use a WiFi network.

Apart from that, you can optimize your internet connection refresh network by turning airplane mode on and off.

Restart Device

You can do it too Restart device to correct any application or system errors that may occur.

The method is very easy, namely by pressing and holding the button power until the options appear Turn off And Restart. Next, click Restart to reload the device.

KAI Access Application Update

If the latest version of the KAI Access application appears, you can do it immediately updates application. This application update can overcome problems that occurred in the old version of the application.

Did you know that this application has now been updated and the name has changed to Access by KAI? To do updates just go to Google Play Store or App Store.

Reinstall the KAI Access Application

If you have done it updates Latest application and still experiencing erroryou can uninstall the application then install repeat.

This can help you fix any problems that may occur due to it corrupted files when downloading the application, thereby causing the application error.

Delete KAI Access Application Cache and Data

Wipe cache and data that is no longer needed by the KAI Access application. Deletion cache This can also be a way to improve error The application can also free up storage space.

Follow the method below to delete cache and KAI Access application data.

  1. Entered into Arrangement.
  2. Then, enter the menu Application or Application Management.
  3. Next, click options Storage.
  4. Click Erase data and press Clear Cache And Data.
  5. Confirm this deletion with a click of the button Wipe.

Report a Complaint to KAI

Finally, you can submit your complaint regarding the KAI Access Application to KAI via email to [email protected]or via telephone 121 (PTSN) or 021-121 (GSM).

Apart from that, you can also submit complaints via social media such as Twitter @KAI121 by including: capture obstacles experienced.

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So, that’s the information about why KAI Access timeout And error or can’t be opened. Hopefully this article can help KAI Access application users to fix the problem and be able to access the application again. Don’t forget to always follow the latest articles and information from CadeMedia.






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