Who is at the Top?

Hey football friends, who can’t wait to know the latest FIFA Ranking updates, especially the position of the Indonesian National Team? Hey, before that, let’s discuss first, what is the FIFA Ranking and why is it so important?

What is FIFA Ranking?

How is the FIFA Ranking calculated? The FIFA ranking is a kind of global “report card” issued by the International Football Federation (FIFA) to measure the performance of national football teams. It is based on official matches such as World Cup, Continent Cup, etc. This ranking is updated every month and is a kind of ‘gold standard’ for assessing the quality of football teams from all over the world.

Significant Changes in FIFA 2023 Rankings

So, talking about the FIFA Ranking, there are several significant changes in 2023 which will surprise many people! For example, a team that was previously ranked in the 20s suddenly rockets to the top 10. Not only that, there are also teams that were previously always at the top but now have to settle for a lower position. Wow, quite surprising, right?

Now, maybe you are wondering, “how can there be such a big change?” Relax, nothing is instant in this world, including the FIFA Ranking. Some teams may manage to put up a great performance in major tournaments, or may win some qualifying matches which earn them extra points.

Remember, guys, this ranking is calculated from various factors. Starting from match results, tournament weights, to the opponents they face. So, don’t be too fixated on ranking numbers alone. What is more important is to see the development and consistency of our favorite team’s performance.

So, although these changes in the FIFA Rankings may come as a surprise, this is all part of the dynamic that makes the world of football always interesting to follow!

Top 10 Countries in the Latest FIFA Rankings

Want to know who is at the top of the warning? Here are the 10 countries that managed to occupy the top rankings in the latest FIFA Rankings:

  1. Argentina
  2. French
  3. Brazil
  4. English
  5. Belgium
  6. Croatia
  7. Dutch
  8. Italy
  9. Portugal
  10. Spanish

The Influence of International Tournaments on FIFA Rankings

Yup, football friends, who can miss the hype of international tournaments like the World Cup or European Cup? Apart from being an exciting spectacle, these tournaments also have a big impact on the FIFA Ranking. So, if you see a team that suddenly ‘jumps’ or ‘falls’ drastically in the list, it is very likely that this is the effect of their performance in big tournaments.

For example, a team from the middle ranking could ‘shoot’ to the top after successfully stealing attention with a brilliant performance at the World Cup. Or vice versa, the team that was previously the favorite actually ‘slipped’ after failing to show maximum performance.

How come? The thing is, the points you can get from these tournaments are usually greater than in regular or qualifying matches. Plus, the opponents faced in major tournaments are usually tougher, so winning there will provide extra points.

So, it’s not surprising that after a big tournament ends, we often see major changes in the FIFA Rankings. It’s all part of the dynamic and excitement that makes us all love football even more!

Latest Indonesian National Team FIFA Ranking

Come on, for those of you who have always loyally supported Garuda, this is good news! The Indonesian national team managed to move up in the FIFA Rankings, from 150th to 147th! Who would have thought, this change occurred after we managed to beat Turkmenistan with a score of 2-0 at the FIFA Matchday event which was just held on Friday (8/9/2024). It’s quite fun, isn’t it, to see that number go up, even if slowly?

PSSI General Chair, Erick Thohir, also doesn’t want to lose his enthusiasm. He is working hard to maintain this positive trend, you know. The main focus is improving local competitions and of course improving the quality of our national team. This all shows that Indonesia still has a lot of hope and potential to continue competing at a higher level.

I’m increasingly curious, to what extent can the Indonesian National Team achieve? Everything takes time, but what is certain is that we all hope for the best for Garuda! So, keep supporting the Indonesian National Team, guys!

Comparison of FIFA Rankings Between Zones

Football friends, have you ever wondered why teams from Europe and South America often sit at the top of the FIFA rankings? But, make no mistake! This doesn’t mean that other zones such as Asia or Africa don’t have quality teams. In fact, this could be one way for us to analyze the development of football throughout the world, you know.

For example, teams from Europe usually have strengths in infrastructure and a mature training system. Meanwhile, South America is famous for its flamboyant and passionate playing style. Well, on the other hand, the Asian and African zones are in a phase of growth and modernization. Many teams from these two zones are focusing on building a new generation of football players who can compete at the global level.

So, if you look at the comparison of the FIFA Ranking between zones, it is actually a reflection of many factors, including investment in football, quality of training and participation in international tournaments. This all contributes to a team’s position in the FIFA Rankings.

Remember, the FIFA Ranking is dynamic and always changing. So, who knows, in the next few years, we will see more teams from Asia or Africa breaking into the top 10. Let’s just wait for developments, okay guys!

History of FIFA Ranking Changes

Have you ever thought about the history of changes in the FIFA Rankings? So, if you are one of those who are curious, let’s discuss it in more depth! Since it was first introduced in 1992, the FIFA Ranking has always been a hot topic that is widely discussed. It’s not just about the list of teams, but also the scoring system which often changes.

In the past, the FIFA Ranking scoring system was quite simple, guys. Everything is calculated from match results only. But now, the formula is much more complex. There is the weight of the competition, the strength of the opponent, and even the location of the match which are taken into consideration in determining a team’s points. Fun, right?

And regarding the teams on the list, wow, this is no less exciting! There are so many teams that no one thought would appear at the top. Do you remember the story of Croatia at the 2018 World Cup? They managed to get second place and amazed everyone!

So, what’s even more interesting is the surprise of teams that weren’t expected to reach a high ranking or, on the contrary, big teams that suddenly dropped drastically. This all proves that the world of football is full of dynamics and surprises.

So, for those of you who really like following football developments, never miss the latest FIFA Ranking updates, OK! Because from there, we can see the extent of the development and dynamics of international football. It’s exciting, right, guys?

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How to Check FIFA Rankings Up-to-date

Want to know continuously about the position of your favorite team or even the Indonesian National Team in the FIFA Ranking? Don’t worry, friends, there are several easy ways to stay updated!

FIFA Official Website

Yup, the official FIFA website is the most trusted source for checking the latest information. Usually, ranking updates are carried out every month. So, don’t forget to always visit the site!


So, for those of you who prefer to check information via smartphone, FIFA also has an official application that can be downloaded on Android and iOS. You can get all the latest information about rankings here!

Download FIFA+ <<

FIFA Social Media

For friends who like scrolling timelines, following FIFA social media accounts could also be the right choice. They often provide updated information via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Online Sports News

Various sports news portals also often report the latest FIFA Ranking updates, especially after major events or tournaments. So, for those of you who don’t want to miss it, don’t forget to follow several sports news portals!

Podcast or YouTube Channel

There are also several podcasts or YouTube channels that discuss football and often discuss FIFA Ranking updates. This is suitable for those of you who prefer listening or watching rather than reading!

How are you doing, friend? Now you won’t miss any information about FIFA Rankings anymore! Always update and continue to support your favorite team!


So, guys, after we chatted at length about the FIFA Ranking, we will surely understand, right, the importance of this ranking? But, remember, although important, the FIFA Ranking is not an absolute measure of a team’s greatness or failure. There are many other factors that can influence a team’s performance, ranging from the team’s internal conditions, player injuries, to luck!

So, for those of you who feel down because the Indonesian National Team is still struggling hard in a ranking that hasn’t yet risen, don’t be discouraged! Rankings are just numbers, and numbers can change. The most important thing is how we as fans continue to support and encourage our favorite team.

The FIFA ranking is an evaluation material, friend, not a tombstone. So, whatever the ranking of your favorite team, or the Indonesian National Team, let’s continue to support it! Because who knows, with our full support, they could surprise us and prove that they deserve to be in a better position!

Cheer up, guys! See you in the next knowledge articles!

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