Whether Teleportation Really Exists Can Be Learned

Is teleport possible? (move from point A to point B without space intervention quickly)

In science, it is possible. Quantum teleportation has occurred, but it’s not like the teleportation in scifi films.

Quantum teleportation 101

When we were little, maybe we imagined that we could move somewhere quickly without effort.

For example, from bed to school, or from Bandung to New York.

This imagination is increasingly peaking with pop films that feature teleport scenes.

But, that’s childhood. Growing up, we begin to know quantum physics. Well, teleportation continues to appear in this field.

Quantum teleportation is the process of transferring quantum information from one particle to another without physical transportation of the particles themselves.

This is possible through a phenomenon called quantum entanglement.

OK, before going any further, let’s break down the definitions of quantum, particles, and quantum entanglement.

1. Quantum

The word quantum is used to describe something very small in the world of physics.

It can be thought of as small boxes that form the image on TV

In physics, a quantum is the smallest unit of energy that can exist in any form (light, sound, etc.)

2. Particles

Well, if quantum is about energy, particles are about physical objects that have mass and volume that can be measured.

For example: sand on the beach has millions of tiny particles.

In physics, particles can be even smaller, such as electrons in atoms.

BTW, there are things smaller than electrons, namely subatomic!

We’ll discuss it sometime, let’s move on.

3. Quantum entanglement

This is a complicated concept. But, imagine if you have a pair of shoes that always match, if the right shoe is red, then the left shoe is red. If the right is blue, then the left is also blue.

Now, take these two shoes to two different cities.

Suddenly, in city A, the right shoe changed to black.

So, without needing to tell anyone, the shoes in city B will immediately turn black.

That is a description of quantum entanglement where 2 particles become “friends” and what happens to one particle will immediately happen to the other particle, no matter how far away they are.

Hopefully you can understand it first so that it’s not too abstract to understand quantum teleportation.

We will discuss entanglements in detail in another thread too.

OK, back to quantum teleportation!

Well, in the real world, there is an example of a case of quantum teleportation that was shocking at that time.

This is the Micius satellite project in China in 2016.

Scientists in China are using the Micius satellite to attempt Quantum teleportation from Earth to space.

Imagine, you are on earth and your friend is in outer space. Each of you has a magic crystal ball that always shows the same image.

If you draw IU’s face on your crystal ball, then the exact same IU face will appear on your friend’s crystal ball in outer space.

Well, scientists use the same idea with special particles called “photons” to send information from the earth to the Micius Satellite.

Voila! This project was a huge success! These scientists were finally able to send information over 1,200 kilometers!

This is a milestone in the field of quantum physics and quantum communications technology.

Then, how does it go?

At least, there are 4 big things that scientists have researched as the impact of the success of quantum teleportation in the past:

1. Global quantum network

2. Quantum cryptography

3. Development of quantum computers

4. Quantum interactions with macroscopic systems

1. Global quantum network

Research is underway to connect more nodes in quantum networks.

This can improve security and speed worldwide.

2. Quantum cryptography

Using quantum principles, including entanglement, to create more secure encryption systems is an important area of ​​research.

This has the potential to change the way we store and transmit sensitive information.

3. Development of Quantum computers

Research in quantum computing continues to advance, with the goal of creating more efficient and reliable quantum computers.

This has the potential to revolutionize many fields, from molecular modeling to financial analysis.

4. Quantum interactions with macroscopic systems

Understanding how quantum principles can interact with large-scale objects is a challenge and an ongoing area of ​​research.

This could open new insights in physics and technology.

OK, that’s all for now, tomorrow we’ll discuss something else. Maybe we can return to the Big Bang or other exciting realms of theoretical physics.

So whether Teleportation Really Exists Can Be Learned






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