When will PUBG Premium Crate come out? Here’s How to Get It!

When will PUBG Premium Crate Come Out – There are lots of terms in PUBG Mobile games or games, some people often don’t understand these terms. But for those of you, of course, you are already familiar with the term Premium Crate.

Premium Crate, also known as premium crates, are favorite crates for PUBG players, especially for non-sultan PUBG players. Because with this chest you can get premium items for free, without having to spend a penny of UC.

By opening Premium Creat, you will get costumes, skins, items and several other permanent prizes. What’s even more unique is that PUBG Mobile game players can get rare prizes that are rarely available.

So when will Premium Create PUBG come out? Of course, many PUBG game players ask this. To find out and answer all your curiosity about the time or when this PUBG casket will come out, please see below until the end.

What is PUBG Premium Crate?

It has been explained a little above about Premium Creat, but for more details, we will explain it in full here. Premium Crate or what can be called a coffin in PUBG is a type of gift box in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game that provides rare and exclusive items for players.

Items available in PUBG Premium Crate include clothes with unique designs, the best weapons with special skins, and accessories such as hats or glasses along with several other prizes. Of course, PUBG Premium Crate is a favorite of many players, because they have the opportunity to get rare and hard-to-get prizes.

When will PUBG Premium Crate Come Out

It is known that season 18 of PUBG has been successfully released, so PUBG players are enthusiastic and enthusiastic about trying to use all the new features. Apart from that, PUBG Premium Crate is also a target for players because it provides various attractive prizes.

So when will Premium Crate or coffins come out? From the information we got, PUBG Premium Crate will be out on March 21. Therefore, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to open the PUBG coffin to get attractive prizes.

PUBG Premium Crate Missing / Can’t Open

There is bad news for PUBG players who are looking for Premium Crate to be able to get prizes. Due to the experience of PUBG players experiencing loss or not being able to open Premium Crate.

But don’t worry, in the case of a lost Coffin, you will be replaced by a Costume Chest which also provides some attractive prizes. So you will still get a prize in it.

How to Get PUBG Premium Crate

In order to get Premium Crate or PUBG Coffins, players can buy these crates using UC (Unknown Cash). Where UC is a virtual currency that can be purchased with real money.

Apart from that, players can also get PUBG Premium Crate by participating in special in-game events or completing certain missions. So please take part in the event and complete missions or challenges to get Premium Crate.


That’s how the discussion can be conveyed by gameitu.com regarding when Premium Crate or PUBG Coffin will come out. Hopefully with the answers in the discussion when the PUBG Premium Crate will be released above it can be useful for all who need it.






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