What is the Latest Full Size for PUBG Mobile? This is the Answer!

What is the Full Size of PUBG Mobile

What is the Full Size of PUBG Mobile – Apart from the PC version, PUBG also has a mobile version which can be played on Android phones or iPhones. This PUBG Mobile game has the same features as the PC version of the game. The gameplay is also equally exciting, of course it will make players feel addicted the first time they try the game. In this game there will be around 100 players competing for victory. Each of them will defend the life of the character they control in various ways, from hiding, running away from pursuing enemies to attacking enemies.

What is the Full Size of PUBG Mobile

Just like other Battle Royale games, PUBG Mobile also provides several game modes in it that can be enjoyed by all players. Apart from Single Player Mode, there is also Team Mode which allows players to play together with friends or other players against other teams in the game. The PUBG Mobile game also provides a large selection of character skins, items and features to support the game. And the most interesting thing is in terms of graphics, where the graphic quality of the PUBG Mobile game can be said to be the best among other Battle Royale games. The stunning graphic display is very pleasing to the eye, making us more satisfied when playing.

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The perfection of the PUBG Mobile game makes its capacity very large. This requires players to use a cellphone with high specs to keep playing the PUBG Mobile game smoothly. Moreover, as time goes by, it is believed that ongoing updates will make the size of the PUBG Mobile game bigger than before. This does not escape the addition of new features presented in the game. So, what is the full size of PUBG Mobile actually? This is important to know in order to adapt it to the capabilities or specifications of the cellphone that will be used to play it. You can see complete information below!

What is the Full Size of PUBG Mobile 2023? This is the Answer!

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale genre game which is quite popular among game lovers. This game is famous for its very good and stunning graphic quality. This high graphic quality then makes the size very large, so we need to prepare a lot of storage space on the smartphone device we are using.

Reporting from the Google Play Store, the initial size of the PUBG Mobile game file is 811MB. The size is almost 1GB if rounded up, certainly not a small size for an Android application.

This fairly large size makes the process of downloading the game file a bit long. If the internet speed on your cellphone is 1 Mbps, it will take around 15 minutes to complete the PUBG Mobile download process. Even if the internet connection on your cellphone is stable at 1 Mbps, because usually the internet speed is unstable, meaning it often fluctuates.

After PUBG Mobile has been successfully downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store, usually there are additional files that need to be downloaded. And when you enter the game, then you make several settings and activate several features in it, this will make the game size swell.

So, what is the full size of the latest PUBG Mobile? You can first see the image below.

PUBG Mobile size on Android

From the image above, we can see details of the size of the game data (additional data) if all the features in PUBG Mobile are activated. It is noted that the Resource Package (8) has a total size of 855MB, then the Event and General data (4) has a total size of 120MB. Furthermore, Classic Maps (7) have a total size of 940MB and Gameplay Themes (2) have a total capacity of 47MB. There is still other data that I may not be able to mention one by one. What is certain is that the total of all data in the PUBG Mobile game is approx 13GB.

Not to mention the cache data and application data from PUBG Mobile which have not been recorded. So, the total full size of the latest PUBG Mobile 2023 is currently approx 13GB – 20GB. Make sure you have prepared more free space in internal memory than that number. If necessary, move other data in internal memory to external storage or cloud storage.

The full size of PUBG Mobile will usually be different for each cellphone device. Apart from that, the difference in game capacity size is also influenced by the number of features that are activated or added in the game. And every time there is a new PUBG Mobile update, usually the full size of this game will get bigger.

PUBG Mobile size

Once again, the answer to the question “What is the full size of the latest PUBG Mobile?” the answer is 13GB – 20GB. There are several devices that have a PUBG Mobile capacity of approx 7.2GB Of course, maybe that’s the smallest size and before updating to the new version, and also because of the cellphone’s own specifications.


That’s the most accurate information regarding the latest full size of PUBG Mobile that you need to know. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.






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