What is iPhone HF? This is an explanation of iPhone Fullset No HF [Update]

Definition of HF iPhone – If we take a closer look, maybe you will often hear various terms when buying this product from Apple. Starting from the term iPhone Inter, Refurbished, Distributor, Replacement, Request and even up to HF.

Usually this term is often mentioned by almost all iPhone sellers. Well it’s in the store on line, offlinenew or used iPhone.

Maybe a little picture for you, HF is a term that refers to the condition of the completeness of the product itself. Then HF itself is an abbreviation of the term Hands Free.

What’s that Hands-free?

Handsfree is one of the accessories on the iPhone that we will generally get when buying the device. Whether it’s when you buy an iPhone that is new or used.

Talking about HF (Handsfree), maybe many of you might still not know its function. Especially for those who might just want to buy an iPhone. Well, therefore in this article I will explain complete information about HF on the iPhone.

What is HF on iPhone?

When you buy an iPhone, be it a new or used product. Usually the seller will definitely provide information on their product. One of them is HF or Handsfree.

HF iPhone means Handsfree and is one of the accessories on the iPhone that has the function of listening to music and playing games in privacy.

Not only that, you can also use iPhone Handsfree when you want to make calls or receive calls. Because the Handsfree accessories generally already have microphone who can accept input our voice.

If you pay attention, the shape of the handsfree is almost the same as earphones. It’s just that there is a slight difference between the two. Where this Handsfree has a microphone component and also buttons to decrease or increase the volume of the sound coming out.

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Meaning of the words Sell iPhone Fullset no HF

Some of you may have seen a statement “Sell iPhone Full set no HF” when you want to buy a used iPhone. Whether you buy it at the store on line nor offline.

The purpose of the description of Selling iPhone Fullset no HF is that the device being sold is full set or complete. To be clear, the product will consist of an iPhone, charger and data cable. However, because it contains a description of the HF number, you will not get hands-free on this iPhone product.

For some users, maybe accessories like Handsfree are not too important to get when buying an iPhone. But if you are someone who wants to maintain privacy when calling someone in a crowded place, maybe buying an iPhone with HF will be important.

So, from this it is important to pay attention to the information provided by the seller when he wants to buy an iPhone product. So that you don’t feel disappointed when you buy the product but it doesn’t match your expectations or desires.

Understanding of Handsfree, Headset, Headphones and Earphones

Apart from the word HF (Handsfree), of course there are several other terms related to iPhone accessories. Even today, there are still many people who misinterpret and mention these accessories.

Almost the average person mentions Handsfree, Headphones and Earphones only by the name Headset. Although the four accessories have the same function, they actually have differences.

Well, so that from you there are no more mistakes in interpreting it. Below I will summarize the complete meaning, function and differences between Handsfree, Headset, Headphones and Earphones.

1. Meaning of Handsfree

You will often hear the word Handsfree when buying a used iPhone. As I summarized above. This Handsfree is an accessory that has a shape resembling earphones.

In general, Handsfree has a small shape that we can put in the ear. The difference between Handsfree and Earphones is the components in it. Like:

  • Component microphone
  • Volume buttons increase and decrease the sound

Therefore, handsfree has more functions than earphones. One of them you can use to receive or call someone without having to put the cell phone to your ear.

2. Meaning of Headset

Next there is also a headset. For those who like listening to music or playing games, you are definitely familiar with this product.

In general, the headset has a shape resembling a headband and both sides have speakers that cover our ears. Almost all Headset products are equipped with a microphone and usually point to our mouths. Of course, its function is the same as the hands-free accessory that I explained above.

There are many things you can do with a headset. Starting from listening to music comfortably, playing games and receiving phone calls.

3. Meaning of Headphones

For those of you who don’t know, headphones are an accessory that has a shape similar to a headset. It’s just that on headphones, you won’t find the same microphone as on headsets.

Therefore, headphones only have the function of listening to music or playing games. So it is not suitable when you use these headphones to make calls or receive calls.

Currently, both Headphones and Headsets are available in two types. Starting from using cables and without cables (Wireless).

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4. Meaning of Earphones

Lastly there are earphones. At first glance, the shape is very similar to Handsfree. Even though they have the same shape, there is a difference between Earphones and Handsfree. Starting from:

  • Absence of microphone
  • And it doesn’t have a volume button

So this accessory is not suitable for use when you want to make a call or receive a call from someone.

Why? Because when used to receive or call someone using earphones, the other person will not be able to hear your voice.

Is it important to have hands-free when buying an iPhone?

In my personal opinion, maybe Handsfree on the iPhone is very important to have. Moreover, hands-free has many important roles in several things in our lives. For example when you want to listen to music more comfortably or maintain privacy when you want to make a phone call.

Even so, it comes back to each person. Because of course everyone has their own needs and requirements in responding to whether or not hands-free is important when buying an iPhone.

But in general, when you buy a new iPhone, you will immediately get Handsfree in the purchase package. Meanwhile, for second-hand iPhones, it is usually very rare for sellers to include Handsfree in the purchase package.

Therefore, when buying a second hand iPhone, you should pay attention to the information provided by the seller. Is there a description of the HF number or does it include HF as I explained above.


Alright, here’s a review of what an HF iPhone is and what it means for Handsfree, Headset, Headphone and Earphone in full. Hopefully the discussion above can answer your questions and no one will mistake the four accessories anymore.

If there is something you still don’t understand, please write it in the comments column below. If I have the opportunity, I will discuss it here.

See you in the next discussion.






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