What is Core in Mobile Legends? Get to know this position more deeply

Hello fellow gamers! Surely many of you like to play Mobile Legends, right? So, if you are among those who often hear the term “core” but are still confused, don’t worry. This time we will talk about everything about cores in Mobile Legends. Exciting, right?

Core: More Than Just Words, It’s a Strategic Position!

Hey Gamers Friends! Talking about “core”, this is not just a random term, you know. In the Mobile Legends battle arena, this position has a very vital role in bringing your team to victory. What do you think makes it so important? And what are the duties of a core? Let’s find out more, let’s review in depth!

What is meant by Core?

In the real world, the term ‘core’ can refer to many things, from physics to business. However, in the world of Mobile Legends, ‘core’ is a word that has very crucial weight and meaning. Core is the term for the most influential position or role in the game. Usually, this position is occupied by heroes who have high damage, such as Mages, Assassins, and Marksman.

Core, Namely “The Man of the Match”

If you are the core, you will be the center of attention—from your team to the opposing team. Why? Because your main task is to produce as much damage as possible to your opponent, while keeping yourself from dying easily. You have to be a player who can be relied on to finish off opposing heroes and important objects such as turrets, Turtles, or even Lords.

Hero Choice for Core

It’s also important to choose the right hero. Heroes who often become cores are those who have high burst damage capabilities, or damage that can be dealt in a short time. For example, Gusion in the Assassin category, or Layla and Miya for Marksman. They are heroes who can kill enemies quickly and effectively.

Skills that Core Must Have

As a core, you need to have good farming skills. Farming here is about collecting gold and experience quickly so you can get important items earlier in the game. Apart from that, you also have to have good map awareness. That is, you have to know when it’s time to farm, when it’s time to help the team, and when it’s time to retreat or continue the attack.

So, if you can master this role well, you can practically determine the victory of your team. But remember, becoming a core is not easy and requires serious training. So, are you ready to become “the man of the match”, Gamers friends?

Why is Core Position So Important?

Eits, you can’t just choose to be the core, fellow gamers! Sure, it sounds cool to be ‘The Man of the Match’. But, don’t forget, this position is also very important and is the center of attention in the game. Why is that? Come on, let’s talk!

Core is the driving force of the team

Imagine, if in a team there is a position like the captain, now the core is like the captain of the team in the field of Mobile Legends. If your core is great, the potential for the team to win is greater. If the core is weak, your team might become chaotic.

Become the main target of the opposing team

Friends, you also need to remember, if you are the core, you are also the main target for the opposing team. They will try desperately to ‘finish’ you. Therefore, this position requires players who are not only good at dealing damage, but also good at avoiding attacks.

Determinants of Strategy Success

Core is the person most responsible for executing team strategy. Whether it’s an attack strategy, defense, or taking important objectives such as Lord and Turtle. If a strategy is successful, it is usually the core that gets the credit. But on the other hand, if the strategy fails, the core is also the one who is most to blame.

Game Controller

As a core, you have a crucial role in controlling the tempo and course of the game. This includes when to attack, when to defend, and when to focus on objectives. If you can do this well, it will definitely be easier for your team to win.

Don’t be a scapegoat!

Well, this is what happens most often. If the team loses, usually the core is the scapegoat and gets the blame. Therefore, this position requires extra focus and qualified skills. Don’t let yourself become a burden on the team because you can’t carry out your duties well.

In conclusion, the core position should not be underestimated. This is a role that has many duties and responsibilities. So, if you decide to become a core, make sure you are ready mentally and skillfully, Gamers Friends!

Tasks to be Performed by the Core

Guys, are you ready to become a reliable core in Mobile Legends? If so, you should know that there are several tasks that you must fulfill. Not just just hitting or attacking, OK? Check out the review below!

Controlling Game Progress

Friend, if you are a core, you must be able to be a captain on the field. You can’t be careless, because you are the one most responsible for directing the team to victory. As the core, you are the one who determines when to attack and when to retreat. Anyway, you have to be “the brain” in your team!

So the Turret “Destroying Machine”.

Apart from controlling the game, you also have to focus on destroying your opponent’s turrets. Remember, the turret is one of the keys for your team to get closer to victory. So, don’t just attack enemy heroes, okay? The turret should also be your main target!

Ultimate Damage Dealer

As a core, you are the hero with the highest damage in the team. Whether it’s a Mage, Assassin or Marksman type of hero, you are obliged to increase your damage throughout the game. Not only that, you also have to be smart in choosing the right items to increase your hero’s damage. So, don’t forget to always upgrade, OK!

Turtle and Lord Slayer

Last but not least, the core’s task is to kill Turtle and Lord. These two monsters are vital to help the team win. Because you have high damage, the team will hope that you can complete this task successfully. If you fail, it could be that your team will be overwhelmed, you know!

So, Gamers Friends, being a core isn’t as easy as one might imagine, right? But if you can carry out all of these tasks properly, guaranteed, you will become a respected core. Good luck!

Tips to Become a Pro and Reliable Core Mobile Legends

Come on, guys, for those of you who want to become a core pro in Mobile Legends, you have to read these tips all the way through! It’s not just skills that need to be honed, there are also other things that you might have overlooked. Instead of being curious, it’s better to just watch it!

1. Choose the Right Hero: According to Your Style!

Before entering the game, make sure you choose a hero that suits your playing style. If you like melee attacks, maybe Assassins is the right choice. But if you like long-range attacks, Mage or Marksman could be your choice.

2. Learn from Pro-Players: Check Out Their Strategies!

Don’t forget to always update your knowledge about Mobile Legends by watching matches of famous pro-players or gaming YouTubers. Learn how they play heroes, from their moves, strategies, to the items they use.

3. Understand Rotation and Timing: Timing is Everything!

As a core, you have to know when is the right time to farm, when to help the team, and when to attack or defend. A slight mistake in rotation can have a big impact on your team, you know.

4. Good Communication: Use a Headset, Yes!

This is really important, guys! Good communication with the team can determine victory. Make sure you wear a headset and always coordinate with the team.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice: Practice Makes Players!

Never be satisfied with the skills you currently have. There is always room for improvement. So, keep practicing and self-evaluate after every game.

6. Gold and Item Management: Don’t Buy the Wrong One!

One of the keys to winning in Mobile Legends is proper management of gold and items. Don’t just buy items; make sure it suits the needs of the hero and the game situation.

7. Mentally Strong: Keep Positive!

In playing games, sometimes we face situations that make us emotional. But as a core, you have to be able to maintain your mentality. Do not be easily provoked by emotions that can interfere with focus and concentration.

8. Review and Evaluation: Learn Your Mistakes!

After the game is finished, whether you win or lose, immediately review and evaluate your game. This is an important step for you to be better in the next match.

So, friends, how are you? Are you ready to become a pro and reliable Mobile Legends core? Hopefully these tips can help you achieve many wins.

Suitable Heroes for Core Positions

Do you want to be the core that makes your opponents nervous? Choosing the right hero is a crucial first step, guys! The following is a list of heroes that are usually used by pro-players as cores. Just get ready, go straight to the crime scene!

1. Aldous

Who doesn’t know Aldous? With one hit, this hero can kill his enemy. Very suitable for you who like to play aggressively.

2. Lancelot

With his agile abilities and massive burst damage, Lancelot is one of the favorite choices for the core position. Not only that, he also has the ability to avoid damage with his skills.

3. Granger

For those of you who prefer to attack from a distance, Granger is the choice. With his ultimate, he can finish enemies quickly.

4. Kagura

Kagura is one of the Mage with good area control. He can affect the course of team fights and finish off enemies quickly if played correctly.

5. Ling

If you like heroes with high mobility, Ling is the answer. He can climb walls and make surprise attacks on enemies, making it difficult for them to catch.

6. Claude

Claude is famous for his high attack speed. Plus, his ultimate can level the opposing team in seconds if setup correctly.

7. Gusion

These Assassins have a deadly combination of skills if executed properly. Plus, he can get in and out of fights with ease.

8. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is unique because she is a Mage who is also quite tanky. He can absorb enemy shields and turn them into HP, making him hard to beat.

9. Carrie

Karrie might look weak at the start of the game, but with the right build items, she can deal true damage that will make your opponent clatter.

10. Harith

Harith is a strong hero in the late game. With his ultimate skill, he can move quickly while dealing great damage.

All of the heroes above have their own characteristics and advantages, so choose the one that best suits your playing style, okay! Remember, what’s important is not only the OP heroes, but also the skills and teamwork.


For those of you who are always curious, “Why are core roles so important?”, now you know the answer, right? The core position is very vital in Mobile Legends, starting from controlling the game, being the turret “destroying machine”, to being the main damage giver in the team.

And not only that, we have also discussed heroes who are suitable for core positions. So, now you have a choice of heroes that you can rely on to take your team to the pinnacle of victory. But don’t forget, the most important thing is team cohesion and your playing skills.

So, are you ready to become a reliable core and make enemies difficult? Always remember, learning and practice are the main keys. Come on, show off your skills in Mobile Legends and bring your team to many wins!

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Hopefully this article is useful and can broaden your insight into the world of Mobile Legends. See you in the next article, guys!

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