What does “IDNUM Already Exist” mean in KAI Access? This is the explanation and how to solve it!

Want to register an account on KAI Access but the message “Idnum already exists“? KAI Access is the official application issued by PT Kereta Api Indonesia, which is the main operator of train services in Indonesia. This application is designed to simplify the process of ordering train tickets, eliminating the need for prospective passengers to come directly to the station.

The KAI Access application allows users to order various types of train tickets, such as intercity trains (Intercity Trains), local trains (Local Trains), and even airport trains (Airport Train). This application also provides other features, such as processes reschedule or refund with special requirements.

However, in its use several technical problems often arise. One of them is difficulty during the KAI Access account registration process. Let’s look at the explanation of the meaning idnum already exists when registering for the following KAI Access account.

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What does Idnum Already Exist mean in KAI Access?

Are you having problems Idnum already exists when you want to register an account at KAI Access? When this message appears, it means that the account with that identity has been registered with KAI Access. So, you just need to login by using user And password to be able to access the KAI Access application.

However, if you don’t feel like registering an account with KAI Access and your identity is already registered, you can ask for help customer service to change identity.

Reasons for the Appearance of Idnum Already Exist KAI Access

Actually there are several things that trigger the message “Idnum already exists“To find out for sure, you can directly coordinate with the parties customer service to check the data.

Here are some things that might cause it to appear Idnum Already Exist in the KAI Access application.

Identity Already Registered

In the KAI Access application, one identity can only be used to register one account. This identity includes identification numbers such as KTP or SIM, email address, and telephone number.

The KAI Access application will automatically detect if the same identity data has been previously registered and will not allow you to continue the account registration process with existing identity data.

Inaccurate Writing of Identity

When you register for an account at KAI Access, it is important to ensure that the identity data you enter is correct. For example, identity numbers such as KTPs must consist of 16 digits.

If there is an error in even one digit, the registration process will not be able to continue.

Cannot Get Verification Email

One problem that can occur is when someone does not accept e-mail verification during the account registration process. This may result in the newly registered account not being able to be activated.

In this way, the personal data that has been entered cannot be used to re-register. Check all incoming messages including sections spam to check the verification email from KAI Access.

Error Entering Email

After completing the registration process at KAI Access, the next step is to activate the account via link sent by the application via e-mail. If address e-mail that you registered is incorrect or inactive, then you will not receive e-mail verification, and your account will not be able to be activated.

How to Resolve the Idnum Already Exist Message on KAI Access

When facing problem So, you don’t need to worry about not being able to take the train using the KAI Access application. You can fix this problem with the things below.

Make sure the network condition is stable

When registering, make sure you are on and using a stable network so you can carry out the registration process well. More safely, you can use a stronger WiFi network to avoid this trouble that might happen.

Check your identity and personal data again

It is very important to ensure that you fill in your identity correctly, because one typing error can make the registration process fail. If you miss even one digit, it can stop the registration process.

Therefore, double-check all the data that you have filled in and pay close attention to your identity details so that the registration process runs smoothly.

Use Another Identity to Register an Account

If you experience problems where the same identity has been used to register an account previously, you still have the option to use another valid identity. You can use an alternative email address or telephone number that has not been used in previous registrations.

If you have previously registered with your KTP number, you can still use other identification such as your driver’s license number, student card or passport to register a second account.

Confirm with KAI Access Customer Service

When you experience registration problems related to messages appearing idnum already exists, e-mail wrong or because of other writing errors, you can contact us directly customer service KAI Access via email [email protected]call 121 or (021) 121, and DM via Twritter @kai121 to submit a complaint.

Next, the KAI Access admin will help check your identity and help correct any errors that may occur. That way you can use the KAI Access application again.

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So, that’s the information about KAI Access idnum already exists what does it mean and how to solve it. If later your account can be restored, it’s best to save it user and the password in a notebook so you don’t forget it when you want to login KAI Access application.






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