What Does Camat Mean in Mobile Legends? Here’s the Full Explanation!

Game News – You must have heard the words of the sub-district head in Mobile Legends. This name is not something foreign to those who follow it pro scene. What does camat actually mean in Mobile Legends? Let’s take a peek at the explanation!

Meaning of Camat in Mobile Legends

Recently news emerged about Oura rejecting RRQ at MPL ID because he was afraid of becoming sub-district head. Actually, what is this district? It turns out that Camat in Mobile Legends is a term or nickname for reserve players who are rarely played in official pro scene matches in Mobile Legends.

However, some ‘camat’ players are actually someone who can bring good luck to their team. The most famous is Psychooo, the sub-district head with a full salary who regularly provides positive results for his team.

sc: esportsnesia.com

Psychooo is the head of the RRQ team. Even though it is rarely played in official matches, many believe that Psychooo’s presence on the RRQ team has made the team consistently able to reach the grand final.

Not only that, while at ONIC Esports, Psychooo was able to bring his team to win titles in MPL ID and MSC. After leaving RRQ, Psychooo entered Alter EGO and provided more evidence where Alter Ego made it into the Top 3, while RRQ got unsatisfactory results in MPL ID S11 yesterday.

Besides Psychooo, there are other players like Drian who has won two MSC titles, EVOS Clawkun, to SamoHT.

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Why is there a Camat?

Not only in Mobile Legends, in every match of course there are backup players who are rarely played but are still active or are included as pro players in their team. Usually these reserve players will be played when changing players.

Depends on each management and their respective policies. It could be that someone is made sub-district head because of a decrease in performance, a role that is full, does not match the style of the other team’s players, or even because he will be made his own team or because it provides an opportunity for other players to show off.

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Oura Doesn’t Want to Be Camat

sc: revivaltv.id

Reporting from revivaltv.id, Oura, a former EVOS Legends player, revealed the reason why he rejected the offer to play with RRQ. It turns out the reason was because he was afraid of becoming sub-district head.

Actually that’s understandable considering Oura was a well-known explaner in his day until he earned the title of MVP M1. However, when he was offered to join RRQ, the roster on that team was pretty great. Because of this, he was afraid of being made sub-district head and refused the offer.

He even asked the RRQ team whether there was competition again in each of their roles.

“In the past, why did I reject RRQ, guys, because I didn’t want to be a sub-district head, during season 4 I didn’t want to, because at that time there were a lot of players, to be honest. “At that time I asked, was there any competition inside or not, well I couldn’t at that time,” Oura said in a live stream.

Because of this, Oura regretted that the great Alberttt was made a substitute player when he joined ONIC this season, considering that this former RRQ player has enormous potential at his young age.

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