What do you feel when singing this song? Explain your answer

When we listen to songs, there are several emotions that arise. Some people feel happy, sad, entertained, or even inspired. However, what about when we sing the song? What do you feel? Let’s discuss it in more depth.

1. Calm the mind

When we sing songs, we tend to focus on the lyrics and melody. This distracts our minds from the problems or worries we are facing. That way, singing can be a good way to calm the mind.

2. Relieves Stress

Singing can also help relieve stress. When we sing songs, our body releases endorphins which make us feel happier and relaxed. Therefore, singing can be an effective way to deal with stress.

3. Increase Emotional Intelligence

Singing songs can also help increase our emotional intelligence. When we sing songs filled with emotion, such as songs about love or loss, we tend to be more sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings.

4. Increases Sound Power

Apart from providing mental health benefits, singing songs can also help improve the strength of our voices. When we sing songs, we tend to practice controlling our breath and strengthening the muscles in the chest and abdominal cavity. That way, we can become more skilled at singing.

5. Makes Us Feel Connected

Singing songs can also make us feel connected to other people. When we sing songs together, we tend to feel closer and bonded to each other. This can be a good way to strengthen our social relationships.

6. Provide a pleasant experience

It cannot be denied, singing songs can also provide a pleasant experience. When we sing songs we like, we tend to feel happy and entertained. In fact, sometimes we can feel like we are in a different world when we sing a song.

7. Increase Creativity

Singing songs can also help increase our creativity. When we sing songs, we tend to express ourselves through the music and lyrics. This can help us be more creative and brave in expressing ourselves.

Lastly, singing songs can also help grow our self-confidence. When we sing songs well, we tend to feel more confident and brave. This can be a good way to overcome nervousness or embarrassment when speaking in public.

So, those are some things you can feel when singing a song. Start singing today and experience for yourself the benefits you can get from this fun activity.

Hopefully this article is useful and can provide inspiration for those of you who want to try singing songs.






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