Vivo V29 launched in Indonesia, relying on aura light portrait technology with smart lighting control

Tech News – Vivo Indonesia officially launched the Vivo V29 for the Indonesian market. Still carrying the spirit of the V Series with Ultimate Portraits, this device relies on Aura Light Portrait technology with Smart Lighting Control. This feature allows users to capture the best moments even in less than ideal environmental lighting.

With an illumination angle of 360 degrees, this feature can produce even lighting at all angles, covering a lighting area that is 9 times larger than a regular flash, 20% larger in diameter, and 36% brighter than the previous Aura Light Portrait technology.

photo: andriyansyah

In addition, this feature can intelligently adjust the brightness according to the ambient light and adjust the most appropriate color temperature to get portrait results like in a photo studio.

The Smart Lighting Control feature is an exclusive Vivo feature that can be a personal lighting designer specifically for the user. When the user is surrounded by reddish light, Aura Light automatically adjusts the color temperature to emit a warm light. While in bluish light it will emit a cool light. This feature makes portrait results more natural and clear with more even lighting.

Camera sector

photo: andriyansyah

This device is equipped with a 50MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera configuration supported by 8MP Super Wide-Angle and 2MP Monochrome Camera which can provide a variety of clear, sharp and varied portrait photos. Vivo includes a front camera with the highest resolution in its class, 50MP AF Group Photo on the Vivo V29.

Vivo V29 also carries the Super Night Video feature to record videos at clear and bright quality in dim or dark lighting conditions. Apart from using this feature as the main feature for recording videos in dark conditions, users can also use the Aura Light feature as an alternative.

For the Vivo V29 video recording aspect, the Ultra Stable Video feature is also embedded which really helps the process of recording content with high movement mobility without having to worry about the results being blurred or shaken. Then there is also the Vlog Movie Creator feature, which can also take advantage of Aura Light Portrait technology to create vlog videos instantly with results like a professional camera.

This device is also equipped with a Food Mode feature to capture food shots. Then there is also the Super Moon feature to capture the beauty of the moon and the Astro Mode feature for night sky shots.






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