Vivo V23e Specifications and Price

If you are looking for a cellphone with capable selfie camera capabilities, perhaps this cellphone is very suitable for consideration. How could it not be? The V23e has a 50MP selfie camera. Let’s review the complete specifications and price of the latest Vivo V23e.

The V series line from Vivo has always relied on the selfie camera as the main weapon. Even since the V series was first launched, this tradition has been maintained. The newest one at the moment is the Vivo V23e which comes with a 50MP selfie camera.

But it’s not just specifications, performance in other sectors cannot be taken lightly either. Let’s just say the performance of the engine is also able to compete with its rivals. Likewise, the maximum battery charging speed.

Design and Screen

Vivo V23e Premium Design

It must be admitted that Vivo almost always succeeds in making cellphones with beautiful and premium designs. Likewise, the latest Vivo V23e design is known for being slim and very thin. However, it must be admitted that a thin design like this will have an effect on the limited battery.

What about the screen? In general, it’s good, but there are still shortcomings that are quite annoying. Yes, the Vivo V23e uses a 6.44 inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. As we know, AMOLED is famous for its sharpness and clarity.

However, what is very unfortunate is that the panel is just AMOLED. Therefore, I call the screen sector the advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo V23e which creates a dilemma. On the other hand it is good, but on the other hand it is still lacking.

Other cellphones in general that already use AMOLED panels will support HDR. However, this cellphone isn’t there yet, so it feels like it’s still not enough for the price range set by Vivo.

Likewise, the refresh rate is still standard. Of course, this is also a drawback for the Vivo V23e. Of course it would be much better if Vivo increased the refresh rate to at least 90Hz.

Fortunately, Vivo already uses fingerprint technology under the screen. Yes, under display fingerprint is a technology that is still relatively expensive and is certainly an advantage for the Vivo V23e because it has adopted it.

Vivo V23e Specifications in the Kitchen Runway

Vivo V23e Helio G96 chipset

Even though it is famous as a selfie smartphone, this does not mean that the specifications of the Vivo V23e in the runway sector are neglected. Even for the needs of playing online games, it feels like the chipset used will still be very capable and can provide good performance.

Vivo V23e uses the Mediatek Helio G96 (12nm) chipset combined with the Mali-G57 MC2 GPU as a graphics processor. For your information, the G series chipset from Mediatek is specifically designed to maximize gaming performance.

However, it must be admitted that the Mediatek G series chipset still provides excessive heat compared to competing chipsets. Like it or not, the Vivo V23e cellphone will probably be hotter compared to other cellphones in more or less the same price range.

For multitasking, Vivo V23 has 8GB RAM which can still be expanded using internal storage up to 4GB. So the total RAM that the Vivo V23e will have is 12GB and this is of course very capable for multitasking needs.

What about internal memory? Vivo V23e is available with a 128GB storage variant. You can even add additional storage media using an additional microSD, which unfortunately requires sacrificing the SIM 2 slot.

The Vivo V23e specifications on the software side are the same as Vivo cellphones in general. This phone uses the Funtouch 12 UI based on the latest Android 11.

Vivo V23e Camera Specifications

Vivo V23e Rear Camera

There is certainly no need to doubt the capabilities of the Vivo V23e selfie camera. Since it was first launched in Indonesia, the Vivo V series has always excelled in this section. But what about the rear camera?

Vivo V23e uses a triple rear camera setup, with each lens being 60MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro. It feels like this rear camera cannot be considered trivial either, even though it is definitely not the best in its class.

For the price range of the Vivo V23e which is at Rp. 5 million, other smartphones even use 108MP cameras. However, it must be admitted that these cellphones are still not as good as the Vivo V23e when it comes to selfie cameras.

Yes, the Vivo v23e uses a 50MP lens for the selfie camera, no big deal. For those of you who like vlogging, I think this camera is still quite good with recording up to 4K@1080fps.

Vivo V23e Connectivity

Connectivity matters are the most overlooked part of this cellphone in my opinion. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration if I called it a warehouse of Vivo V23e’s shortcomings. How come? starting from the absence of an audio jack port to NFC which is much needed nowadays.

For networks that still only support 4G, maybe it won’t be too much of a problem. Even though there are currently many other cellphones with more or less the same price in Indonesia, they already support the latest 5G network.

But what about the 3.5mm audio jack port? It’s a shame because the Vivo v23e had to be removed for whatever reason. Flagships generally remove the audio jack for the reason of increasing water resistance so that it doesn’t get into the smartphone.

Meanwhile, the specifications of the Vivo V23e are still not that good. Does not have an IP67 or IP68 certificate. As a result, in my opinion, the absence of an audio jack port is purely a deficiency of the Vivo V23e.

Likewise with NFC, which is increasingly needed by users nowadays, especially for cashless payment needs. This is in accordance with health recommendations to minimize contact with other people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Battery and Charging

Vivo Super FlashCharge 44W

When we talk about battery capacity, the Vivo V23e specifications are nothing to be proud of at all. This is because the battery itself only has a capacity of 4,050mAh, which is considered very small at the end of 2021.

But returning to the initial topic regarding slim design, this is the downside of smartphone designs that are too thin. As a result, the size of the battery that can be inserted is very limited, in line with its capacity.

Fortunately, charging can be done quickly, relying on Vivo FlashCharge 44W. Yes, it feels like it only takes a moment to fully charge a battery this small. Even if you have to charge the battery during the day, it’s not a big problem because it can charge quickly.

Price of Vivo V23e

Above we have thoroughly reviewed the specifications of the Vivo V23e, starting from the design, screen, performance of the engine, camera, connectivity and also the battery. So, what about the price of the latest Vivo V23e in Indonesia?

At the time I wrote this article, there were still a few days left for the Vivo V23e to officially launch in Indonesia. As a result, Vivo Indonesia itself has not yet announced the price tag for the latest Vivo V23e.

However, there is nothing wrong if we take an overview of the price of the Vivo V23e in other countries, namely Vietnam, which has already launched this smartphone. The price of the Vivo V23e in Vietnam is priced at VND 8,490,000 or around Rp. 5.3 Million if converted into rupiah.

If we look at the selfie camera it has, it feels like the price is very cheap. However, if we look at the screen which still only has a 60Hz refresh rate, no HDR, also a small battery, no audio jack port, then this price is considered reasonable.

Finally, that’s all for the discussion regarding the Vivo V23e specifications and price. Hopefully the price of the Vivo V23e in Indonesia is not more expensive than in Vietnam, or even cheaper if possible.

Update 23 November 2021

It turns out that the Vivo V23e already has NFC and is officially marketed and sold in Indonesia. And the best news comes from the price tag of the Vivo V23e, which turns out to be still cheaper than the price in Vietnam, where this cellphone was launched earlier.

If in Vietnam it is sold at Rp. 5.3 Million, then not in Indonesia. The price difference is also quite large and this will certainly be very pleasant for Vivo consumers in Indonesia. The price of the Vivo V23e in Indonesia is IDR. 4,399,000.






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