Uwinfly BW Electric Motorcycle: Elegant Design with Advanced Technology!

Hello buddy! Who’s looking for an electric motorbike that’s a hit? Eits, don’t rush to choose before reading this review. This time we want to discuss about Uwinfly BW, electric motorbikes are currently on the rise and are becoming a topic of conversation among environmentally friendly vehicle lovers. Come on, check out the review!

Uwinfly BW Specifications: Technology that’s no joke!

Lithium-ion battery

First of all, let’s talk about the battery. The Uwinfly BW is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 72V 20Ah. What’s great, with one charge, you can travel up to 100 km! This battery can also be removed, so you don’t need to worry about theft or damage.

Brushless DC Motors

Then, there is a brushless DC motor with 1500W power which can accelerate up to 60 km/hour. The control system is really smart, it can adjust the speed according to road conditions. So, for friends who like speeding, this motorbike is the answer.

Multifunction LCD Screen

Well, here’s what makes it cool: the LCD screen on the dashboard. You can see information such as speed, distance traveled and battery level clearly. Plus, the screen can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Exciting, right?

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Price of Uwinfly BW Electric Motorcycle: Pocket Friendly!

Curious about the price? Don’t worry, the Uwinfly BW is priced at around IDR 10 – 25 million per unit. Quite affordable for an electric motorbike with specifications this cool!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Uwinfly BW: What are they?


Elegant and Modern Design

Guys, who doesn’t want to look stylish on the street? With an elegant and modern design, this Uwinfly BW can make you the center of attention. You can also choose colors such as black, red and elegant blue according to your taste!

Long Lasting Battery with Wide Range

This lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 72V 20Ah can take you on trips up to 100 km, you know! Very suitable for those who like road trips or whose days are full of activities.

Efficient and Powerful Brushless DC Motor

This DC brushless motor has the advantage of efficiency and low noise. With 1500W power, you can experience a maximum speed of up to 60 km/hour. Great, right?

Multifunction LCD Screen

This LCD screen not only decorates the dashboard, but is also multifunctional. Apart from displaying important information, you can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So, you can listen to your favorite playlist or view navigation without any hassle!


Not widely available in the offline market

So, this is the homework for Uwinfly BW. Even though it has sold well online, it is still rarely found in physical stores. So, for friends who are the “see first, buy later” type, you might be a little disappointed.

Requires DP if Pre-order from Official Site

If you want to pre-order from the official site, be prepared to pay a down payment or down payment first. But, really, usually a good product like this is worth the wait!

So, those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Uwinfly BW. Every product definitely has its pluses and minuses, but the important thing is that it suits your needs, right?

Uwinfly BW vs Competitors: Always One Step Ahead

Hey Friends, it’s time for us to compare Uwinfly BW with its competitors such as ECGO 2 and SunRace. So, what is it that makes Uwinfly BW always excel? Come on, let’s review it!

Featured Features that Make the Difference

First, let’s talk about features. The Uwinfly BW offers a complete package, starting from a durable lithium-ion battery, an efficient DC brushless motor, to a multifunction LCD screen. On the other hand, although the ECGO 2 and SunRace also have advanced features, this electric motorbike is still more comprehensive.

Friendly Prices

When it comes to price, the Uwinfly BW is no less attractive. For around IDR 10 – 25 million, you can get an electric motorbike with specifications that are no joke. This clearly makes Uwinfly BW have more value than its competitors whose prices can be more expensive but have the same or even fewer features.

Safety and comfort

One thing that is often overlooked is security and comfort. Well, the Uwinfly BW has hydraulic disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system (ABS) which can make you more comfortable and safe when driving.

Easy Buy Options

Buying Uwinfly BW is really easy! You can pre-order on the official site or buy directly on several popular e-commerce sites. This certainly makes Uwinfly BW easier to reach compared to several competitors whose distribution is still limited.


So, friends, when compared to ECGO 2 or SunRace, Uwinfly BW clearly has many advantages. Starting from features, price, to security, everything is superior. So, for friends who want to invest in an electric motorbike, there’s no harm in choosing Uwinfly BW as the main choice.

How to Maintain a Uwinfly BW Electric Motorcycle: Really Easy!

Well, friend! If you’ve invested in a cool motorbike like the Uwinfly BW, of course you also want the motorbike to last and stay shiny. Don’t worry, maintaining this motorbike isn’t complicated, you know! Here are the tips:

Check Battery

The first and most important thing is to check the condition of the battery. Because this lithium-ion battery is removable, you can more easily check it at home. Make sure the capacity is still good and always charge according to the instructions, OK!

Clean Components

This is what is often forgotten. Occasionally clean motorbike components, especially parts that often come into contact with dust or dirt. This can keep the motorbike’s performance optimal.

Routine Checkup

Don’t forget to carry out regular checks at the official Uwinfly repair shop. There, they can carry out a more detailed inspection, including the engine and brakes.

Software Updates

Don’t forget, Uwinfly BW also has software on its LCD screen. So, if there is an update, don’t hesitate to do it so that the features remain up-to-date.

Uwinfly BW User Experience: It’s Not Just Just Crap!

Friends, we have heard many positive testimonials from Uwinfly BW users. Starting from those who like the design, to those who are really satisfied with the features and performance offered. Some users even said that this motorbike is very reliable for daily activities, you know!

Easy to Control

One comment that often arises is the ease of driving the Uwinfly BW. Especially for friends who are switching to electric motorbikes for the first time, this motorbike is considered very user-friendly.

Battery Efficiency

Many also praise the battery efficiency. Even though it is used for quite busy daily activities, one charge is enough to accompany their activities.

Multifunction LCD Screen

This multifunctional LCD screen feature has also received a lot of praise. Many users find this screen helpful in monitoring the condition of their motorbike while driving.

So, from the various reviews we got, it can be concluded that Uwinfly BW really satisfies its users. In terms of design, features, to performance, everything gets thumbs up. So, are you still unsure about switching to this electric motorbike? No need to think any longer, friend! This is a motorbike that is really worth having.

Place to Sell Uwinfly BW Electric Motorbikes

Want to buy Uwinfly BW? It’s really easy, bro! There are many ways to get this electric motorbike. First, you can check on the official Uwinfly Indonesia website. There, there is usually updated information regarding prices, specifications, etc. Second, for friends who prefer online shopping, Tokopedia and Bukalapak are also fun choices. So, there are lots of choices, there is no reason to hesitate anymore!


Guys, after we have reviewed it thoroughly, we can conclude that the Uwinfly BW is the electric motorbike that you must have! With advanced features, a contemporary design, and a pocket-friendly price, this is an investment that is really worth it. So, why are you still thinking? Come on, add this electric motorbike to your wishlist and experience its advantages for yourself!

Hopefully this article is useful and can be a reference for all of you. See you in the next review article! Cheers!

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