Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Removed in China, Allegedly Promotes Horse Racing Gambling

Most of you probably know the game called Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, a unique game with a “horse girls” theme that requires players to train their waifu and win various horse racing championships. Even though it is very prosperous in Japan, the game Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is still quite struggling outside the country, such as in China for example.

Chinese video and game sharing platform Bilibili suddenly removed mobile game Uma Musume Pretty Derby, which featured “horse girls” and was popular among anime fans, in a reminder of the risks that still exist in China’s video game market. very strict, especially gambling issues.

Bilibili itself, as a new publisher, opened the game to players in mainland China on August 30, saying in a post on Weibo that the game had been removed from the Apple and Android App Stores in mainland China on Thursday due to “the need for technical improvements”, without explanation. Furthermore.

The removal of the game from various official stores sparked speculation and controversy regarding the game’s content. The character of the horse waifu is said to be evocative of horse racing, which has implications for encouraging gambling activities. Gaming regulations in China prohibit any encouragement to carry out illegal activities, especially since the horse racing element is a sensitive matter in China.

If you regularly read articles on GamerWK, we’ve had enough often report that China does have very strict video game regulations. In fact, every month you can count on your fingers what games are accepted into the country. So, it’s not surprising that games like Uma Musume: Pretty Derby are quite difficult to run smoothly in China.

Source: SCMP

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