Top RRQ Kazu, Poco Star Gasps

Games – The first week of the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 8 competition has ended. There was excitement in fighting for the top position in the standings, including from two big teams RRQ Kazu and Evos Divine, as well as several other teams such as Poco Star, Tigerwong Esports, and Thorrad.

In the first week of FFML Season 8, RRQ Kazu managed to become the top of the standings with 163 points. The deadly duet of RRQ Abayy and RRQ Dutzz is the key behind RRQ’s success so far.

RRQ Kazu achieved 163 points after scoring 4 times Booyah87 points placementand 76 elimination points.

RRQ Abay and RRQ Dutzz managed to perform well by collecting 28 and 26 elimination points respectively, earning them both the temporary title of ‘Top Predator’ in FFML Season 8.

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However, brilliant results were not only achieved by RRQ Kazu. The Poco Star team also managed to provide a surprise by advancing to second place, 3 points behind the top of the standings.

A series of successful surprises were presented by Coach Fayad’s children, one of which was the record for most points, reaching 117 points in one game. matchday. Debuting on the second day, Poco Star managed to get 3 Booyah59 points placementand 58 elimination points.

Even so, this flashy performance did not last long. On the last day of the first week of FFML Season 8, Poco Star only collected 43 points, but was still able to sit in second place in the standings.

18 Teams Battle to Secure the Top 12

Apart from the two eSports teams, FFML Season 8 really presents fierce battles. Like Genesis Dogma SF for example, the defending champion from the previous season.

This team was ‘hot late’, appearing tough in the last match by collecting 89 points obtained from 1 Booyah43 points placement, and 46 elimination points. As a result, from previously falling into the abyss of the standings, Genesis Dogma SF immediately rose to 8th position in the standings with a total of 132 points.

Meanwhile, other strong teams, such as Onic Olympus, Dewa United, Thorrad, Evos Divine, and Tigerwong Esports also still have a big chance to overtake RRQ Kazu and Poco Star who are only dozens of points ahead of them.

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In total there are 18 eSports teams competing for the top 12 standings to advance to the Semi Final and Grand Final rounds of FFML Season 8. Apart from fighting for the FFML Season 8 trophy, the winning team also has the opportunity to represent Indonesia to compete in the world eSports championship, Free Fire World Series 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

How to watch FFML Season 8

Want to watch the excitement of the matches in FFML Season 8? This competition can be watched online via YouTube, TikTok and Facebook FF Esports ID.

You can also watch live, just come to Studio Sepat 72 Jakarta, and Garena doesn’t charge any entry fees at all. To do this, access the site to order FFML Season 8 entry tickets.

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