Tips for Protecting From Cyber ​​Crime, Know the Methods to Become a Wise Customer

Apart from having a positive impact, the internet or digital world also has a negative impact. An example is cyber crime. In recent days, a hacker has gone viral who has succeeded in breaking into government sites.

Apart from that, there are many other cyber crimes on the internet, such as fraud in the banking sector, data theft, credit cards and so on.

So, with this increasing prevalence, we have to anticipate so that we are protected from cyber crime, also recognize the methods so that we can become Wise Customer.

Tips that must be followed to be protected from cybercrime

1. Don’t give your personal data to just anyone

The first thing you must do is not carelessly give your identity or personal data to just anyone. The first one usually happens often, there are several fraudsters who call customers on behalf of the bank and then ask for personal data and so on.

Please remember that usually the bank will not call you to ask for your personal data, if that happens to you it is usually a fraudster who wants to take your personal data so that it is easier to commit credit card fraud and the like.

Then don’t share your personal data on social media, and don’t share proof of transactions carelessly, if there is an important code, it’s better to censor it first.

2. Always keep your credit card pin secret

Always keep your 6 digit account PIN secret, because if they already know your PIN it will be easier to hack your credit card. When making a transaction via a BRI ATM in a public place, don’t forget to always cover your ATM pin so that other people can’t see it.

Be Wise Customerdon’t give the 4 digit number on your credit card to just anyone, this can also make it easier for other people to break into your credit card.

3. Change passwords and pins regularly

There are several benefits if you change your password and pin regularly, this can prevent your account from being hacked. Apart from that, it can also prevent passwords from being saved, for example, if you log in to an internet cafe computer or public computer, usually your password or PIN will automatically be saved, so to overcome this you can change your password and PIN periodically, so even strangers can’t. logging in even though you already know your old password. It’s better to change your password or pin once a month to be more secure.

4. Use the internet wisely

What does it mean to use the internet wisely? What we mean is don’t open random sites or websites, always open websites that use https, because the security of websites that use https is more guaranteed.

Then be careful not to carelessly open links shared on social media, because it could be a phishing link. Phishing is an attempt to obtain personal data or information about someone by deception. Usually it is a website where you are asked to fill in your personal data, username and password, but all of this will later be recorded by the phishing maker.

5. Always enable 2-factor authentication on your account

This tip is very useful but I think there are still many people who haven’t done this. It’s better from now on to activate 2-factor authentication on your social media accounts to make it safer. If someone is not allowed to log in to your account, there will be a notification and you will be asked to verify whether it is really you who is logging in.

6. Always update your applications

Usually banking applications like BRImo will have application updates every few months to improve security, so you must always update if there is a new application update.

Apart from improving security, usually every application update has the latest features, so for those of you who haven’t updated the application, update it now, especially applications that are vulnerable to cyber attacks, you really must update if there is a new update.

7. Use the official application and website if you want to make a transaction

Use official applications and websites, such as the BRImo application and the website. This is very important to always do, because by using the official application and website, security will be guaranteed, and if there are problems you can also directly ask customer service. There is.

8. Always activate transaction notifications

If you always activate transaction notifications, if there is a transaction on your account, there will be a notification either via email or SMS.

From the statistics we see from several sources, cyber crime always increases every year, in 2021 it reached more than 1.6 billion cyber attacks. The government also emphasizes the importance of cyber security, so that in the future nothing undesirable happens to our personal data.

Characteristics of Cybercrime Modes

In some experiences we have encountered, there are fraudsters who do WhatsApp or call customers in the name of the bank and then ask for a money transfer for several reasons. You also need to be aware of this because it often happens, don’t just transfer if you don’t want to be fooled.

Then usually the email and domain are inappropriate or suspicious, as I explained above, don’t be careless in opening suspicious links and don’t trust emails that don’t match the official ones.

If they ask to transfer money, you have to be careful to see whether the account name matches the BRI Bank account name? If not then cancel your transaction. Then, if you want to give goods or something else, I recommend using e-commerce and it’s safer to use the COD method.

Apart from the above characteristics which are currently frequently occurring, namely the soceng mode, social engineering (soceng) is a mode carried out with the aim of seizing money in the account using various methods.

Usually fraudsters will pretend to be bank employees and will offer promotions or offers to become priority customers, but later they will ask for your personal data such as account number, pin, password and so on, so that it is easier for them to gain access to your account.

Then there is also a mode via SMS, the SMS contains an explanation that we have won a prize and later we are asked to contact via WA or asked to visit a link, whereas if later we visit the website or call the number we are asked to fill in the data which is Fraudsters use that data to break into our accounts.

We also encountered that when a customer commented about problems on BRI Bank’s social media, usually there would be individuals pretending to be the bank, but later they would provide a contact they could contact, even though the contact was not an official contact from the bank. From what we know from the story, they will later ask for personal data from customers who are experiencing these problems.

“I just got a reply like this after I contacted him via WA, it turns out I was told to send my data to him and he said refresh the data, but strangely he told me to go into mobile banking and go to the OVO menu to transfer to another person’s number with a nominal value according to the remaining balance on Please help my account,” wrote the account @Gatar_anmy25 on Twitter.

Currently banks BRI or PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) is optimizing digital services via Digital Extension. So this is very useful for customers who don’t understand digital banking services, later they will be accompanied when accessing digital services, starting from creating a new ATM, making transactions via applications and so on.

Remember, friends, be wise customers, be careful when making transactions via digital services, and always protect your personal data. OK, thank you for visiting, see you next article.






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