Tips for Playing the New Free Fire (FF) Mode, Droid Apocalypse!

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The new Droid Apocalypse mode is here at Free Fire. This mode was previously one of the new things that were introduced in Advance Server FF July, about two months ago. This one mode brings a different and somewhat unique gameplay system.

This mode is more interesting and challenging because players can play a direct role in two opposing camps. The camps in question are Droids, zombie monsters that infect and Humans, as Survivors.

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So, this time Berita Booyah wants to give you some tips to help you play and even win easily in the new Droid Apocalypse Free Fire (FF) mode. Immediately, see the following list!

If you are in the Human Defender stronghold, never stop attacking

If you starts as a Human Defender, what you need to do to continue surviving and avoid infection from Droids is to attack non-stop. In this mode, the best defense is to attack.

The new Wasteland arena also features a building structure that makes all players have nowhere to hide to look for safety. Therefore, you must continue to kill the existing Droids and avoid the approaching Droid attacks as much as possible.

When you manage to kill lots of Droids, you will get lots of buffs to strengthen yourself. Moreover, if you can survive, you have the opportunity to get a buff to become a Defender with additional powers which can increase your chances of winning.

If you become a Droid, infect your opponent as quickly as possible and be careful in choosing the type of droid

When you becomes a Droid, you must launch attacks and infect as many Humans as possible. Later you can also get additional buffs in the form of choosing a type of Droid with each unique ability.

There are 3 types of Droids in this mode. Wrecker Droid is able to destroy Gloo Walls very easily, Medic Droid is able to provide a Healing effect on itself and fellow Droids, and there is Explosion Droid which is capable of producing explosions with very high damage.

When you succeed in infecting all Human Defenders, you will be the winner. Try to infect all Humans before they get buffed to become Human Defenders with additional powers, because later it will be very difficult to overthrow.

Those are the tips for playing the new Droid Apocalypse mode in Free Fire (FF). Have you tried this mode, you?

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