Tips for Maximizing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Camera for Portrait Photos

The camera quality of a flagship class cellphone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is very sufficient to produce charming photos. The three main camera configuration consisting of an ultra-wide camera, wide camera and 3x zoom camera is also ideal for producing unique photos from various angles.

Based on our experience using the Fold5 for several weeks, we want to share tips for producing portrait photos with human subjects.

Pay attention to the time of day if shooting outdoors

Light quality should always be a primary consideration, regardless of camera. When shooting outdoors, also pay attention to the direction of the light. When the sun is directly overhead is usually not an ideal time to photograph, unless that is the effect you are looking for. In addition to harsh shadows, subjects will usually be dazzled by sunlight and too hot to concentrate. Of course, this does not apply in Indonesia, which is illuminated by abundant sunlight almost every day.

We recommend early morning or late afternoon to get cool portrait photos with softer sunlight. Like the following photo taken at around 4 pm.

This photo was taken in normal mode. If desired, you can add a Portrait effect to give a bokeh effect in the background of the subject as follows.

Take a selfie with the main camera

To take selfies with better results, you can use the main camera. The method is very easy. When the Fold5 is folded, run the camera application and select the Selfie menu at the top left. Then open Fold5 to display a preview of the selfie photo before taking it.

If you want to take a group selfie, you just need to activate the ultra-wide camera to rotate more subjects like this photo.

Pay attention to light to create a mood

The Fold5 camera can also be relied on for more serious shooting. In this example, we photographed indoors with neatly arranged artificial lighting to create a sad mood. As a result, Fold5 was able to capture this mood well as seen in this photo.

The mode used is Normal mode with automatic settings. If needed, you can switch to Pro mode which provides settings shutter speedISO, white balance and focus manually.

Be confident using zoom

The good quality of the 3x zoom camera got us confident use it to produce portraits with minimal distortion. For information, the Fold5’s 3x zoom camera has a focal range equivalent to 66mm on the camera full frame.

This 3x zoom mode is also effective for making subjects look thinner or thinner. As a note, you need to pay attention to lighting so that photos remain sharp.

Insert element in foreground

A portrait photo does not only have to contain facial details. Insert some external elements in the foreground so that the photo looks more unique, like the following photo.

With its folding design, creating photos from unique angles will be easier with Fold5. However, one thing is certain, the Fold5’s photo quality is in the cellphone category flagship will make it easier for even novice users to produce charming portrait photos.






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