Three men break into an ATM using a Raspberry Pi

Three criminals in Texas stole more than $5,000 from an ATM suspected of using a Raspberry Pi.

Three men have been arrested in Lubock, Texas, in connection with the theft of cumulative amounts over $5,700 (Rp 87.5 million) from an automated teller machine (ATM). The men allegedly used Raspberry Pis to bypass security at ATMs and rob them. This incident occurred in the West Texas area at several ATMs.

Although there are no official details regarding the incident, the three suspects were arrested on August 3 after authorities were notified of the robbery. Official court documents are protected by a paywall.

The three men – Abel Vades, Yordanesz Sanchez and Carlos Herera-Ruiz were detained after being picked up at a hotel. Among the evidence recovered from the suspects were two Raspberry Pis. Reporting from Gizmochina (7/9), the Raspberry Pi was used to disable security and allow thieves access to the cash drawer. Raspberry Pis are obviously used to bypass ATM security.

The three men have been charged in court but it is unclear whether they are part of a larger syndicate. They received charges of Tapping, Using, or Disclosing Unlawful Wire, Oral, or Electronic Communications and Engaging in Criminal Activities.

One of the suspects was charged with forgery. The criminals use the Raspberry Pi to bypass security. The version of Raspberry Pi the thief was using was not specified. Full details regarding the robbery incident are lacking at this time. It is unclear exactly how the robbers broke into the ATM and how its security was breached.






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