This Makes You Feel An Indonesian Film That Continues in the Middle of a Conflicting Story

A film with many sequels may be commonplace for us to see. However, if a film is to be continued, we may find it rather rare. Lastly there is a film Spiderman Across the Spider-Verse who did that to connect it to the second part of the film.

In Indonesia, there are a number of sequel films being released. The director finishes the film in a continuous manner when the film’s story moves towards conflict. It turns out that the number of serialized Indonesian films is also not small.

The continuation of the film was continued some time later through the sequel. So what movie is that? here is a summary.

Indonesian film that continues in the middle of a story conflict

1. Warkop DKI Reborn Jangkrik Boss

Indonesian films continue in the middle of the story. Via Special.

Having been anticipated for a long time, this remake film was finally released in 2016. It attracted well-known actors Tora Sudiro, Abimana Aryasetya and Vino G. Bastian to star in Dono, Kasino and Indro. This film was an extraordinary success and became the highest grossing film of all time at that time with more than 6 million viewers.

However, unfortunately, the film, which was intended to be a sequel from the start, chose to end the film when the story was in the middle of an exciting story. The film ends just when the main actors are starting their mission abroad. This film was continued and continued with a sequel the following year.

2. When love glorifies God

Success with the film Ayat-Ayat Cinta in 2007. Habiburrahman El Shirazy’s writing was worked on again into a film version. Just like the book, the movie When love glorifies God also attracted the attention of many people. Millions of people watched the sweet love story of Azam and Anna. It’s just that this film continues when the conflict is at its peak.

When love glorifies God Indeed, from the start it was projected to be a sequel like the book which has two series. The sequel to the film was only released three months later. It seems that this is the first time a film has done a sequel in a serial format in Indonesia When love glorifies God.

3. Benjamin is the culprit

Projected to be a film that is liked by many people and won a lot of viewers. With confidence, this film has been prepared to make two films to be continued. But unfortunately, the Indonesian people seem to agree to say that the film Benjamin is the culprit was a film that didn’t work.

With bland comedy, this film explores the story of Pengki played by Reza Rahadian. With a cliche and boring story, this film was actually made up when the film was at the peak of the conflict. As a result, the second film did not get the audience’s sympathy and finally landed on the OTT platform.

4. Paper boat

This film, which is based on the novel Dewi Lestari, is quite successful as an adaptation. The choice of actors also felt right. There are Adipati Dolken, Maudy Ayunda and Reza Rahadian. This film also has an interesting story about the love triangle between Kugy, Keenan and Remi which was put together interestingly by director Hanung Bramantyo.

It’s just that this film couldn’t be made into one film. In anticipation, this film was finally made with two sequels that were broadcast close together. So when the film starts to reach an exciting conflict, the film continues and the audience is expected to wait two months to see the continuation of Kugy and Keenan’s love story.

5. Comic 8 Casino King

The next Indonesian film in the series comes from the comedy genre. Film Comic 8 Casino King The first one ends when the audience is seriously watching the robber bandits perform their actions. Comic 8 Casino King is the second film of the series Comic 8. The first film was broadcast in 2014 and was quite successful in getting the attention of the audience.

That’s why the film was made into a sequel and the sequels were made into a series. Two films Comic 8 Casino King also got 1.2 million viewers and 1.8 million viewers.

6. End of Doel’s Love Story

After the success of hundreds of episodes in his soap operas. Doel’s love story actually hasn’t really ended. There must be a sequel of up to three films until we know who Doel finally tied his heart to. So, in those three films, the audience was twice left hanging by the story of the film directed by Rano Karno.

Because this film is serialized twice when the story is exciting. In the end at the end of the film End of Si Doel’s Love Story third, the audience finally knows who Doel put his heart on.

7. Impossible Srimulat Hill

Released last year, the film The Impossible Srimulat Hill also applies a similar concept, dividing the film into two. This film tells the story of the journey of the comedy group Srimulat, a group from Solo which is now legendary as the biggest comedy group in Indonesia. The main story summarizes the story of Gepeng, who from the start had the ambition to join Srimulat.

But unfortunately this film ends when the film reaches its peak, right after the touching scenes, this film instead chooses to end it and connect it with the second film later. Until now the film Impossible Srimulat Hill Round Two not yet shown in cinemas.

So that’s a series of Indonesian films that are continuous and make the audience laugh. From the series of films above, which one do you think is the most memorable?






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