This is the trick for Hero Rafaela to be able to heal twice in Mobile Legends

This is the trick for Hero Rafaela to be able to heal twice in Mobile Legends.

Hero Rafaela apparently has a special trick so she can heal twice in the Mobile Legends game.

As we know, one of Rafaela’s strengths as a hero with a support role is her ability to heal teammates.

So, this time we will discuss how Hero Rafaela can heal twice in Mobile Legends, which you must know and try playing.

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Interestingly, it turns out that a new item will appear that can make Rafaela heal twice. The name of the item is called Flask of the Oasis.

This new item has just appeared on the advance server. This item will be very useful for heroes with support roles whose ability to heal.

This is because Flask of the Oasis can add 60 magic power, 300 HP and 10 percent cooldown reduction. Not only that, the passive of this item also provides many benefits for hero healers like Rafaela.

How could it not be, with Flask of the Oasis, Rafaela can heal her teammates twice. So when a teammate has HP below 30 percent, there is immediately a shield that can protect him.

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Moreover, after that, Rafaela will get a cooldown reduction of 2 seconds. It’s only 2 seconds, but it means a lot to the hero Rafaela.

The thing is, the cooldown on Rafaela’s heal skill is 4 seconds, thanks to the passive from Flask of the Oasis, there’s only 2 seconds left. Imagine in a team fight, Rafaela’s cooldown can heal teammates in just 2 seconds.

This is the same as healing twice because the cooldown reduction is very short. Of course, with Flask of the Oasis, Rafaela could be more useful when played in any mode in Mobile Legends.

As we know, Rafaela has recently started to be forgotten by other support heroes. With the ability to heal twice, Rafaela certainly has the opportunity to enter the meta in the newest Mobile Legends game.

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