This is the Total Diamond to Get the Pharsa Skin “Samba Muse”

Special Skins Pharsa “Samba Muse” finally returned by Moonton. Skins it’s re-released through Samba Muse’s Summon gacha event which lasts for 20 days, starting 05 – 25 July 2023. During
events this goes on, you guys can do gacha by opening cards at random for a chance to get
special skins Pharsa “Samba Muse”.

Different from special skins other, skins Pharsa
“Samba Muse” You won’t be able to buy this through shop. This means, you can only get it through events This is all that lasts for a limited time.

Mechanisms that are present in events this is actually not much different from
gacha events other. You as a player are required to do this
gacha by selecting the card provided.

The fee to open the card will start from 0, only after that the fee will increase to
10 diamonds, 40 diamonds, 70 diamonds, 100 diamonds, 135 diamonds, 175 diamonds,
and the last one is 219 diamonds.

Moonton actually has provided a guarantee that you will be guaranteed to get it skins Pharsa “Samba Muse” this in 8 times
gacha. In other words, you have to open all the cards which will use up the total 749 diamonds.

However, you actually still have the opportunity to get it
skins this is deep gacha only, even though the percentage is very small, namely only 0.0001%.

Is the Pharsa “Samba Muse” skin worth buying?

From a price point of view, skins this is very
worth it for you to buy. With price 749 diamonds like
special skins in general, you are guaranteed to get
skins Pharsa “Samba Muse” belonging to
skins which is rare.

Even though the price is cheap, it feels like it’s more luxurious
skins This isn’t marketable, it’s not like that skins others that can be purchased at shop.

However, when talking about the actual skill effect skins This doesn’t have a lot of additional effects, it’s just because of its nature
limited time events make skins this seems more expensive.

Apart from the various advantages and disadvantages, in my opinion
skins Pharsa “Samba Muse” it’s still worth buying. Besides because skins This limitedPharsa is also still there
META heroes which is often used. So there’s nothing to lose if you want to buy it heroesIt’s still selling really well, too.

Well, for you player Pharsa, what do you think about skins This? is Samba Muse skins this belongs
skins satisfactory? Just tell me in the comments column.


That’s my discussion this time about
Samba Muse’s Summon event. If you have anything additional, please just write it in the comments column.

Thank You.


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