These are the 3 Easiest and Most Practical Ways to Sell Mini Gold

Gold investment is now very varied, even for those of you who have limited funds, you can start this investment by buying mini gold. So this mini gold is a 24 carat gold bullion product that has a fairly small gram, from 0.05 grams to 0.5 grams. The question is, how do you sell mini gold?

Eits, before proceeding to how to sell it, you certainly have to know about mini gold itself. Well, this mini gold is a product from PT. Global Mulia Digital Synergy as a private company producing precious metals.

Well, mini gold has the advantage, namely that it is equipped with an official certificate and has been tested by Sucofindo and G-Lab Pegadaian. You can buy mini gold online, via the official website at

Apart from that, you can also buy mini gold in various large marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, Blibli, and so on. But many investors are confused about how to sell mini gold. Don’t worry, we will share it through this article!

How to Sell Mini Gold

How to Sell Mini Gold

For those of you who are investing in mini gold, remember that it is very rare to find it on the market. Because usually if you want to buy mini gold, you have to go on the official website or in the marketplace. Check out some guides on how to sell mini gold below:

1. Selling Mini Gold at Pegadaian

The most ideal place to sell your own mini gold is at Pegadaian. Because Pegadaian is a company that provides services for buying and selling and investing in gold.

Not only that, one of these state-owned companies also has an extensive branch network throughout Indonesia and spread to the sub-district level.

However, can mini gold be sold at Pegadaian? The answer is of course Canthe steps are not much different from how to sell gold at Pegadaian in general.

  • Visit Pegadaian branch office closest by bringing an identity card such as KTP and other documents required.
  • Tell the officer that you want to sell mini gold and show the documents you brought.
  • Make sure that certificate and packaging your mini gold is still intact and not damaged or lost. If the packaging is damaged, you can replace it first at Mini Gold head office. The condition is that there is a packaging fee of IDR 10,000 for each piece.
  • Officers will check authenticity and gold content You use special tools.
  • If it is finished and it turns out that the mini gold that you have is genuine, the officer will tell you the selling price for the gold. Usually adjusts to the latest price set by Pegadaian.
  • If you agree with the price, continue the sales process.
  • You will receive the money from the sale of gold, either in cash or transfer to the bank account you registered previously.

2. Selling Mini Gold at the Gold Shop

Apart from pawnshops, you can also sell mini gold at gold shops. A gold shop is a place where you can sell and buy various types of jewelry and precious metals.

But first make sure the gold shop offers buying and selling mini gold. Apart from that, gold shops usually offer selling and buying prices that vary depending on market conditions and demand.

Here are the steps for selling mini gold at a gold shop:

  • Look for the nearest gold shop or trusted people who want to buy mini gold. You can search for information first via the internet or ask friends or relatives who have sold gold in a gold shop.
  • Visit the gold shop with it KTP and other documents required.
  • Tell the seller that you want to sell mini gold and show the documents you brought.
  • Prepare a mini gold purchase certificate. Because as we have discussed, if the packaging is damaged you can pay Rp. 10,000 for each piece to replace the packaging.
  • Next, the gold shop will check the grade and authenticity of the mini gold that will be sold using special tools.
  • Once finished, the gold shop, aka the seller, will tell you the selling price of the gold according to the price offered by the gold shop.
  • Please continue sales process.
  • Finally, you will receive the money from selling your gold in cash or via transfer to the bank account you registered.

3. Selling Mini Gold via Online Marketplace

Apart from pawnshops and gold shops, you can also sell mini gold online through the marketplace or social media. You can use this method if you want to sell mini gold at a higher price or more flexibly.

Here are the steps for selling mini gold online:

  • Create an account on the marketplace or the social media that you choose first. Make sure your account is verified and has a good reputation to make the sales process easier on the marketplace or social media.
  • Upload photos and descriptions of the mini gold you want to sell. Include information about the size, grade, certificate, packaging and selling price you are offering.
  • Promote your product to interested potential buyers. You can use advertising features, hashtags, or share other care with relevant groups or communities.
  • If there are interested buyers, communicate well about transaction details, payment methods, and delivery of goods.
  • Make sure the buyer makes payment first before you send the goods to ensure that the buyer is serious. Use rekber (joint account) or escrow services if necessary to avoid fraud.
  • Send goods using a trusted courier service and provide the buyer with a receipt number. Make sure the goods arrive safely and match the description you provided.
  • Give positive feedback to buyers if the transaction goes smoothly and ask for feedback from the buyer.

Tips for Selling Mini Gold Easily and Profitably

Apart from following the steps above, there are several tips you can use to sell mini gold easily and profitably, including:

  • Sell ​​mini gold when gold prices are rising or stable. Don’t rush to sell mini gold when gold prices are falling or unstable. Monitor gold prices regularly to find out the right time to sell them.
  • You have to sell mini gold in a place that offers a high selling price or in accordance with the market price. First compare selling prices from various places before deciding to sell. Don’t be tempted by selling prices that are too low or too high before you do this.
  • You can sell mini gold in large quantities or combine it with other gold. Mini gold has a small gram size, so if it is sold individually the price may be less profitable.
  • Maintain the condition of your mini gold so that it remains good and intact. Mini gold has packaging and a certificate that shows its authenticity and gold content.
  • If the packaging or certificate is damaged or lost, the selling price will automatically decrease or the buyer may even reject it. Store your mini gold in a safe and dry place so it doesn’t get damaged or lost.

So, do you know how to sell mini gold? So if you are interested in investing in mini gold, please invest now!

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