These 8 Short Body Hijab OOTDs Will Make You More Fashionable

Those of you who have a short body now don’t need to worry anymore because there is a short body hijab OOTD. With the right mix and match, you can appear taller and slimmer. The models and styles are also varied, so you can adapt it to your personal taste.

Now anyone can look trendy, contemporary and fashionable, even those of you who have a short body. Use the following hijab OOTD as your daily outfit, starting from hang out with friends, attending semi-formal events and even traveling with your partner.

Contemporary Short Body Hijab OOTD Style and Inspiration

1. Flare Pants and Plain T-shirt

For those of you who don’t like wearing skirts, you can choose flare pants as your mainstay fashion item. Flare pants with a wide cut will give the body a taller silhouette. Your legs can also appear longer, especially if you use heels or boots as footwear.

As a top, you can use a crop top, a plain neutral colored t-shirt tucked into your trousers will also make you slimmer. You can wear a plain pashmina hijab with style clean style for a fashionable look.

2. Mix and Match Tunics and Leggings

For those of you who want to show a feminine impression, mix and match The following styles are worth trying. You can start by wearing a gingham patterned midi tunic, then pair it with black leggings. If the weather is cold, add a sweater as outerwear and a knitted hijab.

3. Short Body Hijab OOTD with Gingham Crop Top

For those with a short body, it is recommended to wear an outfit with the right balance. For example, by using a patterned top and plain bottoms, so that your body doesn’t sink because of the outfit you are wearing. For example, in the following casual chic hijab OOTD model.

You can combine a Korean-style gingham patterned crop top with a black pleated midi skirt. Your appearance can be even more charming with a plain black hijab and a white medium sling bag. Complete your appearance with sneaker boots for impressions boyish.

4. Combination of Midi Dress and Long Skirt

Even though you are short, you can still use it midi dresses as an outfit. This style of clothing for short people to look tall also gives the wearer a feminine and elegant impression. Choose neutral colors and pastel shades to maximize your appearance.

Like midi dresses This tunic cut is combined with a plain white skirt accented with pleats. Apart from being minimalist, your appearance also looks neat and polite, making it suitable for going to campus or the office.

5. Sweater and Long Skirt

There is another mix and match outfit that is suitable for going to college or the office, namely a combination of a crop top sweater and a long A-line skirt. To give looks Which balancedyou can use dark blue and cream or white.

You can match the hijab to your top, if you don’t have the same color, you can wear one that is close together or has a similar shade. If you just want to go for a walk, wear sandals as footwear, but if you want to give a semi-formal impression, flat shoes could be the best choice.

6. Jeans and Shirt OOTD

Owners of short bodies are advised to wear OOTDs without many patterns and motifs, so that they make an impression clean and slim. For those of you who want to look relaxed, you can combine a gray shirt without a pattern with jeans that fit your legs.

The light color combination will not make it difficult for you to combine it with the right hijab. Just pair it with a plain black or dark brown rectangle. As accessories, use sling bag shades of blue or bracelets and watches.

7. High Waist Jeans and Shirt

The next short body hijab OOTD is high waist jeans combined with a shirt. High waist jeans Not only does it provide a longer leg silhouette, but it is also suitable for those of you who like to look stylish street style. Pair it with a white shirt and a colored hijab nude for a trendy look.

8. Mix and Match Neutral Colored Outfits

For those of you who don’t like appearing feminine, try wearing a neutral or monochromic colored outfit. Like style For example, in this one, you can combine a black t-shirt as innerwhite knit cardigan as outer and plaid patterned palazzo pants.

This mix and match will make your appearance even more beautiful with an army colored pashmina hijab without patterns. Those of you who want to impress with a simple and simple appearance effortless You can wear gladiator style sandals and a bag slings medium sized.

Mixing and matching the short body hijab OOTD above can be your consideration for choosing the right outfit. Apart from self-confidence, an OOTD that fits your body type will make your appearance more fashionable and proportional.

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