The Sickest Benedetta Build 2023 Jess No Limit

The Sickest Benedetta Build 2023 Jess No Limit – Benedetta is the newest Assassin hero in Mobile Legends with quite annoying powers. She is able to produce high burst damage from a large area, making it difficult for opponents to meet Benedetta during a team fight.

For those of you who want to know the best Benedetta Mobile Legends tutorial and build, it’s better to read the review in this article!

The Most Sick Benedetta Build 2023

The Worst Benedetta Build Jess No Limit 2023

Warrior Boots

For starters, Benedetta can use shoe points so she can roam easily and make it easier to launch attacks on opponents. Warrior Boots are shoe points that increase Physical Defense, making Benedetta stronger when she meets Physical Damage type heroes.

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As an option, Benedetta can also wear Tough Boots or even Rapid Boots if really needed. So, just match the conditions and situations in the game, guys!

Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Ax is an important point for Assassin heroes who rely on their abilities because Bloodlust Ax increases Spell Vamp by 20% which allows Benedetta to restore some HP using her skills. Besides that, Bloodlust Ax increases 70 Physical Attack and 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Blade of the Heptaseas

Blade of the Heptaseas is a damage point that can be called perfect for Benedetta because this point has a passive which will increase damage from Basic Attacks by 240 plus 60% Physical Attack. With this point, Benedetta can launch a sudden attack and cause great damage to the opponent.

Not only that, Blade of the Heptaseas increases the attributes by 250 HP, 70 Physical Attack, and 15 Physical Penetration.

Blade of Despair

To optimize Benedetta’s damage output, she can choose to use a point called Blade of Despair because this point increases Physical Attack points by up to 160 points, and has a passive that will increase damage when Benedetta attacks an opponent with HP below 50%.

Queen’s Wings

Benedetta is a bad hero. To increase her survival power, Benedetta can use points called Queen’s Wings to increase HP and Physical Attack.

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Apart from that, Queen’s Wings increases Cooldown Reduction and has a passive that will increase Physical Lifesteal and Damage Reduction when Benedetta’s HP is below 40%.


To select the final point, Build Benedetta can choose to use a defense item called Immortality so that she has an additional chance of winning the team fight because Immortality has a passive that allows her to survive death.

The Most Sick Benedetta Build 2023

2023 Benedetta Hurt Emblem

Assassin Emblem Set

As an Assassin, of course this Assassin emblem is very suitable for Benedetta because it increases Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, Critical Chance, Cooldown Reduction and Movement Speed.

Tier 1 Talent: Agility

Movement Speed ​​is one of the positions that is needed for an Assassin like Benedetta so that he can roam quickly. Therefore, Benedetta can take a talent called Agility to increase her Movement Speed ​​by 2% per level.

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Tier 2 Talent: Aggression

For the next tier, Benedetta can take Aggression to increase Physical Penetration by 2 points at each level. In this way, Benedetta can still produce a lot of damage even if the opponent uses a lot of defense points.

Tier 3 Talent: Killing Spree

Of the 3 talent options in this tier, Killing Spree is likely to be the right talent for Benedetta. This talent will allow Benedetta to restore HP by 15% and increase Movement Speed ​​by 20% after Benedetta gets a kill.

The Worst Benedetta Build Jess No Limit 2023

Spell Benedetta


Execute is a perfect spell option for Benedetta so that she can finish off her opponent easily because Execute will cause true damage of up to 500 plus 10% of the lost HP of the opponent. This way he can immediately cut down critical opponents.


For those of you who don’t like using Execute, you can also use Flicker because this spell can be combined with Benedetta’s abilities, or can be used as an additional escape tool for Benedetta.

Combo Benedetta

The combo itself actually depends on the conditions and situation in the game. However, there is one combo that is most efficient for those of you who want to attack and crush your opponent suddenly, namely:

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Basic Attack (Hold) > Alecto: Final Blow (Ultimate) > An Eye For An Eye (2) > Phantom Slash (1) > Basic Attack (Hold).

Guide to Build the Sickest Benedetta 2023 by Jess No Limit

  1. Continue starting the combo with Basic Attack (Hold) to lunge straight at your opponent and produce quite a lot of damage.
  2. The ability An Eye For An Eye (2) can be used to block incoming damage and crowd control. So use that ability wisely!

If you want to know how to use the Hero Benedetta, watch the following 2023 Benedetta Sickest Build Video. The following is Build Benedetta from Pro Player JessNoLimit.

Build Benedetta Jess No Limit Version

So, that’s the review regarding the guide and the best Benedetta Build 2023 Jess No Limit guide that you can use. How’s it going guys, is the tutorial clear enough? If not, you can ask in the comments box below!

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