The reason why Roronoa Zoro rarely laughs in One Piece

Game News – Roronoa Zoro has become one of the iconic characters in One Piece. First introduced in the 3rd chapter of the manga and the end of the first episode of the anime, Zoro is known as a very serious character, especially in battle. Even so, loyal fans realize that the male character with the sword is never seen laughing anymore nowadays. What caused him to stop laughing?

Zoro Has Been Shown Laughing at Arc The beginning of One Piece

Roronoa Zoro was once shown laughing at arc the beginning of One Piece. For example, after he was saved by Luffy at the end of the Romance Dawn Arc. At the end of the Orange Town Arc he is also shown laughing when Nami tries to drown Luffy.

The most famous example is the dinner scene of the Straw Hat Pirates crew with the Arabasta Kingdom after successfully defeating Baroque Works. After timeskiphe was shown laughing with Luffy while being chased by Pica in episode 683. Since then, he has rarely been shown laughing.

Possible Reasons Roronoa Zoro Stopped Laughing

At first, Zoro was shown as a humorous member of a pirate crew. Gradually, he became a figure swordsman which is very serious and practically invincible. In backstoryhis, he dreams of becoming swordsman strongest in the world. He made this dream after the death of Kuina, his childhood friend and rival.

During the Baratie Arc, Zoro had to face Dracule Mihawk. Unfortunately, he lost and almost lost his life, but managed to amaze his opponent. That moment was his first defeat, making him vow to become stronger and not lose again. Moreover, Mihawk’s defeat had a big impact on his characteristics as a man who sometimes has a sense of humor.

During the Thriller Bark Arc, he was so badly injured that he almost died after fighting Bartholomew Kuma. Not only that, in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, he had to bend the knee to Admiral Kizaru easily.

The death of Portgas D. Ace during the Marineford Arc was the biggest moment for Zoro. Once he received news that Luffy’s older brother had died, he realized he couldn’t remain weak and asked Mihawk to train him.

In the end, there is no definite and simple reason for Roronoa Zoro to stop laughing at One Piece. It seems like a dream to be swordsman world’s greatest is his biggest focus and responsibility.

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