The New Season of EA SPORTS FC MOBILE Has Opened

The EA SPORTS FC MOBILE Indonesia community is proud to announce the implementation of an online exhibition event entitled “Road to The World’s Game”, which aims to welcome the new season of EA SPORTS FC MOBILE.

The event, which is expected to provide valuable competitive experience to FIFA MOBILE players in Indonesia, has been divided into two divisions to ensure participation from all players.

Division 1: Challenges Without Limits

Division 1 is a place for players who want to measure their abilities without the limitations of OVR and On Position (position rules). In this division, participants can play the team they want, without any restrictions.

Division 2: Opportunity for All

The Division 2 is specially designed for players with an OVR of 128 and below. In this division, strict rules apply, including players must be On Position or be in a position corresponding to their player card, and a player’s item OVR must not exceed 114, both after and before upgrading.

The objectives of the division are: First, to ensure balanced competition; and secondly, to provide opportunities for players with lower OVR and account levels to take part in this competition.

Timing and Phases of Competition

The World’s Game with a total prize of IDR 25,000,000 will take place from August 26 to September 25, which is divided into five different weeks, namely: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5.

Road to The World’s Game was held simultaneously with the event Founders (Founder) which started on August 24. Founder is the status given to all players participating in the event Founders and follow the in-game instructions to become a “Founder”. There is special content for Founders, from Player Items, User Logos, to access to Founders Premium Star Pass in the new season of EA SPORTS FC MOBILE.

Players who wish to participate must join the official Discord of EA SPORTS FC MOBILE Indonesia at to get information about the registration link every week.






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