The Most Complete PS2 Downhill Cheat Method 2023 and the Code

How to Cheat Downhill PS2 – Just like other PS games, to make it easier to play the game, of course you have to use the help of the PS2 downhill cheat. And by activating the code in the chat, you can unlock all the characters.

Not only that, you can also activate unlimited energy and anti-gravity. So, you need to know that the downhill domination game is a game that has a bicycle racing theme. This game will also present exciting gameplay, because there are many extreme tracks.

Like drag bike racing games, in this game there are also various characters to choose from. The downhill game itself has been played by many users since 2004. Even though this game is old, this game is still quite popular today.

Interestingly, in this game there are many main menu options apart from the PS2 downhill cheat, such as single player mode, and also multiply which allows users to customize the difficulty level. And here are several ways to cheat PS2 downhill that you can do.

How to Cheat Downhill PS2

So, for those of you who want to activate the PS2 downhill cheat, you must first know how to use it. The reason is that to use the PS2 downhill cheat you have to use a code. However, the code will not be valid if the game’s main menu is still present.

To activate this PS2 downhill cheat, you must be in game mode. The game mode used must also be free, whether in single, arcade, carrier mode and so on. So, for those of you who want to activate this mode, here is the latest PS2 Downhill Cheat method at the moment.

  • For the first step, please enter the bicycle racing game.
  • Next, please enter the cheat code, namely Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right and Square.
  • Next, please wait until unlock codes appears on the screen.
  • After that, enter other cheat codes according to your needs.
  • Next, please play the game using this cheat.

Complete PS2 Downhill Cheat List

By using this program it will be easier for players to play the Downhill PS2 game. Furthermore, this code can also be used to unlock characters, animal bikes, unlimited energy and earn money. And here is a list of downhill cheats that you can choose from.

Downhill PS2 Basic Cheats

The PS2 downhill cheat is one of the most common methods used by gamers. By activating the password you can certainly add money and energy. So, for those of you who are still curious about Downhill PS2 cheats, here are several downhill cheats that you can choose to play this racing game.

  • Anti Gravity: Down, Triangle, Square, Square, Up.
  • Infinite Energy: Down, Triangle, Left, Left, Square.
  • Mega Flip: Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Square.
  • Adding $2000 Bills: Right, Triangle, Triangle, Left.
  • Restores Energy: Down, Right, Right, Left, Left.
  • Free Battle Mode: Left, Square, Circle, Square, Left.
  • Super Bounce: Left, Square, X, Up, Triangle.
  • Speed ​​Buff: Down, Triangle, Right, Right, Square.
  • Adrenaline Boost: Down, Left, Left, Right.
  • Combat Upgrades: Up, Down, Left, Left, Right.
  • Always Excited: Down, Square, Square, Left, Circle.
  • Super Bunny Hop: Up, X, Left, Square, Up.
  • Bottle Upgrades: Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right.

Animal Bike PS2 Downhill Cheats

As you already know, the downhill game has a version with animal characters. Where the game system is not much different from the mountain bike racing game version. And by using an animal bike, of course your racing sensation will be much more challenging and cool.

However, you can actually open this animal bike PS2 downhill cheat easily. And you only need to activate 2 main codes, namely the code to activate the cheat and the code to activate all characters. So, to activate this cheat, here are the steps.

  • The first step, please enter the game gameplay.
  • Next, please enter the main code, namely: Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right and Square.
  • Then continue with the code to unlock all the characters as follows: Up, triangle, down, X, left, circle, right and square.
  • If all the codes have been successfully activated, the next step is to click Start and the next step is to exit the game to return to the Main menu.
  • Now in this step, please select the game mode you want to play.
  • However, you need to know that the only characters who can use animal bikes are Cosmo, Mai, A-jacks, Jonnie, Kalolo, T-back and Kineticlops
  • Next, when selecting a bicycle, please swipe until you find an animal bicycle
  • If you have chosen, please play the downhill game.
  • Finished

How to Open Pelangi Downhill PS2

Apart from the codes above, players can also produce rainbows in Downhill Domination. Please note that this effect is not from a PS2 downhill cheat but only activates it. And here is how to open the PS2 downhill rainbow.

  • Play one of the PS2 downhill game modes.
  • Then please enter the game then press mouse.
  • Next, select the options menu.
  • And for the next step, forget about sprky tricks, press on.
  • Finished

How to Freestyle Style Downhill Domination

For a gamer, of course you have to know the tricks for doing various kinds of free movements when racing a bicycle. The reason is that when we use freestyle more often, the points we get will automatically be higher. And here are some tactics for activating each trick in bicycle racing.

  • Bar Kneel: R2 and L2 Simultaneously
  • Can Can: R1 + R2 Simultaneously
  • Heart Attack: R1, R2, L1 Simultaneously
  • Heel Clicker: L2 and triangle Simultaneously
  • Indian Air: R1 + R2 + L2 Simultaneously
  • Lazy Boy: R1, L1, L2 Simultaneously
  • Nac Nac: R2 + L1 Simultaneously
  • One Hander: L1
  • One leg: R1
  • Scissors: R2, L1 and L2 Simultaneously
  • Superman: R1 + L1 Simultaneously
  • Switchblade: R1, R2 and L1 Simultaneously
  • Table Top: L1 + L2 Simultaneously


That is the information we can convey regarding the PS2 downhill cheat method that ulingame can convey. By using the downhill cheat, of course, it will be easier for you to play the downhill game. Maybe this is all we can say, hopefully the article above can be useful for all of you.






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