The Key to RRQ Kazu’s Success in Week 1 FFML Season 8 According to Adyy

The Key to RRQ Kazu’s Success in Week 1 FFML Season 8 According to Adyy

Week 1 of the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 8 was successfully mastered by RRQ Kazu. They are 3 points adrift of POCO Star which is in second place.

They did look good and managed to get the most booyahs 4x, and of course this is a good capital to wade through the remaining three weeks of the season.

Regarding the key to the success of the RRQ Kazu team, Coach Adyy said that the key turned out to be this one player.

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Wings are the key to RRQ Kazu’s success in W1 FFML Season 8

source: IG @rrq_adyy

“The key for RRQ is in Top 1, namely Wings, in fact RRQ in week 1 of Wings trolled a lot, not trolling the gameplay more towards communication where he lightened the atmosphere when playing yesterday so it was more fun,” said Adyy to we.

It turns out that the key to RRQ’s success in week 1 of FFML S8 is Wings, a player who just joined this season.

He likes to troll but in a good way, namely communication, so the game becomes fun and it is proven that RRQ Kazu has managed to appear and top the standings for week 1 this time.

Will RRQ Kazu be consistent and remain in first place until the league ends or even the Grand Final? We are looking forward to RRQ’s performance in the remainder of FFML Season 8.

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