the difference between the latest blackberry z10 vs z3 September 2023

the difference between blackberry z10 vs z3 even though they look a little similar, these two smart phones have several striking differences in terms of specifications, here is a comparison of the differences between blackberry z10 and z3

For you to know, the BlackBerry Z10 was released in 2013, while the BlackBerry Z3 was released one year after the Z10, namely 2014. The difference in years certainly doesn’t mean that we can immediately conclude that the newest BB Z3 is the best, and the same goes for the BB Z10. This is the case. This happens because in terms of price these two cellphones are very different, it could be said that when it was first released the BB Z10 had a high price range while the BB Z3 had a lower middle price.

The difference between the Z10 and Z3 in terms of screen is clearly visible – the Z3 has a 5 inch screen size which is 0.8 inches larger compared to the Z10 which only has a screen size of 4.2 inches.
in terms of size, perhaps the Blackberry Z3 is superior compared to the Blackberry Z10, but in terms of display, the screen resolution and PPI level on the Blackberry Z10 screen is far superior compared to the BlackBerry Z3, the BB Z10’s screen display is HD, namely 768 x 1280 pixels ~ 355 PPI, while the Z3 only 540 x 960 pixels ~220

For those of you who don’t understand the meaning of PPI on a screen, here is the answer: PPI is known as pixels per inch which functions as screen density, the higher it is, the clearer the display on the smartphone we use.

conclusion of the differences between blackberry z10 and z3 screens; In terms of screen size, maybe the Z3 is superior, but if you are looking for a BlackBerry smartphone with a clear screen resolution, then the Z10 is the choice, because even though the screen size of the Z10 is slightly smaller, the resolution and PPI on this phone are much higher. blackberry z3 appeal

differences between blackberry z10 vs z3 in terms of camera; if the screen of the z3 is slightly superior to the z10, on the camera side the blackberry z10 is far superior, the main camera of the blackberry z10 is 8 mp and 2 mp on the front camera side, while
The BlackBerry Z3 only has a main camera with a capacity of 5 MP and 1.1 MP. Even though these two cellphones have a big difference in terms of camera size, both cellphones can video in full HD quality on the main camera, while for selfies they are HD ready, namely 720p

The difference between the Blackberry Z10 and Z3 is in terms of RAM and memory – the Blackberry Z10 has an internal memory capacity of 16 GB and 2 GB of RAM, there is a memory card slot that can accommodate a maximum of 64 GB of memory. Meanwhile, on the Blackberry Z3, the internal memory of this cellphone is only 8 GB and 1.5 GB RAM with a memory card slot up to 32 GB. The striking difference in internal memory capacity certainly doesn’t have much of an impact on users, but the z10’s RAM is superior. because RAM really influences the speed of our cellphone and the number of applications we install

Battery – in terms of battery the Blackberry Z3 is far superior to the BlackBerry Z10, the battery capacity on the Z3 is 2500 mAh while the Z10 is only 1800 mAh, with this big difference, of course the Z3’s battery life can be guaranteed to last much longer than the battery. z10. However, the problem of draining the battery on the Blackberry can be solved by buying one best double power battery for blackberry you are currently using

Conclusion of the differences between the two BlackBerry Z10 and Z3 phones: in terms of design, maybe some of us have our own preferences, even though the Z3 was released a year after the Z10, the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone has several superior advantages compared to the BlackBerry Z3, for those of you who want to buy these two phones depending on use, if it is for business purposes, of course the BlackBerry Z3 is an option, because apart from having an elegant design, this smart phone is also priced cheaper than the BlackBerry Z10.






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