The difference between BTR Xyve and Saken according to Dewa Watt

The difference between BTR Xyve and Saken according to Dewa Watt

BTR Alpha fielded their new Goldlaner Xyve to replace Saken when BTR met Dewa United Esports in the MPL ID Season 12 match.

Unfortunately, Xyve has not succeeded in contributing a victory for BTR, which is still suffering defeat.

Actually game 1 went well and BTR won but Dewa rose in games 2 and 3.

The result was 2-1 for Dewa and kept their hopes of the playoffs.

After the match, through an interview with we, Watt Goldlaner Dewa mentioned the difference between Xyve and Saken as Goldlaner BTR Alpha.

“There’s definitely a big difference, Xyve just went up too, definitely hasn’t gotten the hype yet, MDL and MPL are different,” said Watt.

According to Watt, the most striking difference from Hype is that, according to him, the new Goldlaner BTR Xyve has not received because the hype is different between MDL and MPL, where Xyve has just moved up to MPL.

However, in our opinion, his performance was quite good, maybe there was still a lack of chemistry between the players because he had just joined the MPL.

Previously, BTR had always played with Saken as a Goldlaner, which of course had a different gameplay than Xyve.

Will Xyve be able to adapt to the next match and give BTR Alpha victory?

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