The Cursed Blade Password, Quest in Golden Desert Undawn

The Cursed Blade Password – Increasing levels bring new quests in Undawn. One of them is The Cursed Blade which is located in Golden Desert.

Players who successfully complete this quest will receive prizes in the form of silver and cool hair. However, in the process we need a password to open the safe.

Many players are confused about what the password for The Cursed Blade is. The reason is, there are no clues or letters like in the previous Jessica Suitcase quest.

So, if you are also confused about the quest or mission, this article will review it in full along with the password. Let’s take a look!

The Cursed Blade Undawn Password

At the start of the mission, we are told to meet a named NPC Philip. The location is in Golden Desert near the Junkyard or Used Car Lot.

Just for your information, for those of you who don’t know, before Undawn updated to level 70, The Cursed Blade mission with a prize for cool hair was called The Weak Boy.

After chatting with Philip, we were then told to go into the house. You have to bring a Lockpik to open the door with the safe.

Later you can see the black crate and safe. The safe can only be opened with a three-digit password combination.

  • The Cursed Blade Undawn password: 603

Please enter the number combination by sliding the numbers in each column.

After successfully opening it, there will be a letter that must be given to the NPC. Admin forgot his name, but it’s clear he’s wearing a yellow t-shirt and is fat.

Then, the NPC will tell you to take the dragon fruit which is located in the empty land. Return to the NPC after collecting 5 pieces.

At the end of the story, you will deal with a female NPC. It was said that he wanted revenge for losing someone he loved.

If all stages of the quest have been completed, you will return to Philip. Please claim the prize in the form of Silver x8,000 and long hair.

That’s a brief review that the admin can convey about the password for The Cursed Blade Undawn. Also read other articles on here about games, applications and tutorials!






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