Synopsis Sleep Call (2023), Love Communication Ends in Death

Synopsis Sleep Call (2023). Drama-thriller which will be broadcast in all Indonesian cinema networks, 7 September 2023.

For those of you who really like local filmsthriller genre, then make sure you go to the cinema on September 7, 2023 tomorrow. The reason is, the latest film from genres the, Sleep Callreleased in all Indonesian cinemas.

Directed and scripted by Fajar Nugros (Yowis Ben, Dignitate), here is a synopsis review Sleep Call the.

Synopsis of Sleep Call

Maybe before we finally start the whole review of the synopsis of the film, it’s better for us to discuss what it means from Sleep Call.

Sleep Call basically it is one of the slang terms for today’s kids. Launch Hello Healthy, Sleep Call is a term for two people (usually couples) who make voice or video calls until they both fall asleep at night.

So in this film, it’s the activity Sleep CallThe members are Dina (Laura Basuki) and Rama (Juan Bio One). The two of them started to get close and did this activity after meeting and getting to know each other through a dating application.

Escapism for Dina

Laura Basuki as Dina (IDN Pictures)

In general or “normally”, if we are in a situation like Dina, of course after say 1 week of chatting/acquaintance in a way on linewe immediately took the initiative to meet face to face with the potential lover we were chatting with.

But unfortunately that is not the case with Dina. He even continues to be addicted to “dating” with Rama in a way on line. It turns out that the main factor that made him feel at home like this was because Dina was having very serious financial problems.

So in other words, “dating” on line with Rama is the escape (escapism) himself from the problems he was facing.

Over time it becomes dangerous

Sleep Call (IDN Pictures)

Initially, for the main reasons mentioned above, well everything looks safe or okay.

But who would have thought that as time goes by, activity sleep call what these two are doing is a danger that not only threatens their lives, but also the lives of those around them?

Wow, what’s the danger? Wellplease find out the answer by watching Sleep Call Which premieres tomorrow, September 7 2023 in all cinema networks in Indonesia.






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