Synopsis of the Korean film 30 Days, a hilarious couple who invites laughter

There is good news for those of you who love Korean dramas, because famous actresses, namely Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul, will play the role of husband and wife again in their latest film entitled 30 Days. For those of you who want to know what the storyline is like, you can check the synopsis of the Korean film 30 Days below.

According to the information we got, 30 Days is a drama with a comedy genre and this film will be a reunion project for the two actresses, after they previously played in films Twenty which was released in 2015.


The following is a synopsis of the Korean film 30 Days

This film tells the story of a husband and wife couple named Jung Yeol and Na Ra. After they got married. Both of them can’t stand each other’s shortcomings, so they often fight and attack each other in childish ways.

Synopsis of the Korean Film 30 Days | Woollim Films

While undergoing the divorce process, both of them had a car accident. When Jung Yeol opened his eyes in the hospital, he lost his memory. Including the memory that he was married to Na Ra.

Jung Yeol is portrayed as a handsome and intelligent but dorky man. Meanwhile, Na Ra is a skilled but eccentric woman. The accident occurred exactly 30 days before the divorce.

List of Actors and Actresses in the Film 30 Days

Actors and Actresses in the Film 30 Days | Woollim Films

According to information from MyDramaList, this Korean film is planned to be broadcast on October 3 2023. Apart from Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul there will be several other actresses and actors playing in this film, including:

  • Kang Ha Neul as No Jung Yeol
  • Jung So Min as Hong Na Ra
  • Hwang Se In as Hong Na Mi
  • Kim Sun Young as Jung Yeol’s mother

That is the information and synopsis of the Korean film 30 Days. After reading this article and knowing the storyline, are you interested in watching this comedy drama? Don’t forget to keep visiting Our.






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