Steam Removes One of the Biggest Games in 2023, Why?

Only Up, a highly challenging physics-based indie game, has been removed from Steam by its creator due to “stress”. Created by SCKR Games, Only Up was previously removed from Steam amid allegations of copyright infringement regarding various in-game assets.

This game is very popular among YouTubers and Twitch streamers, partly because of its high difficulty. However, developer Only Up has now removed the game from Valve’s storefront and explained that they “made a lot of mistakes” and want to “leave the game behind.

Steam Removes One of the Games with a Quite a Large Number of Viewers

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Based on data from various sites tracker, at its peak, Only Up attracted approximately 280,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch. The gaming video from YouTuber Darren Jason Watkins, better known as ‘IShowSpeed,’ has been viewed 5.6 million times in two months. Of course, information about Steam removing one of the biggest games in 2023 spread very quickly.

Despite its success, Only Up’s creators removed the game from Steam, so it is no longer available to purchase. In an accompanying statement, the developers said they needed “peace of mind and healing.”

“I am a solo developer and this game was my first experience in game development, a game I made to be creative, to test myself and in which I made a lot of mistakes,” said the creator of Only Up, as the studio. known. SCKR game,” he explained. “This competition has caused me a lot of stress in the last few months. Now I want to forget this game. And yes, the game will not be coming to the Steam store anytime soon, that’s what I’ve decided for myself.

After the statement was released, Only Up disappeared from Steam. The developers said that they now plan to start development on a new game called Kith.

“What I need now is peace of mind and healing,” they explained. “I plan to take a break and continue learning about game design and beyond with new experiences and knowledge to direct my energy towards my next game entitled “Kith”.

“It will be a new experience and concept with realism, a completely different genre and setting, and a focus on cinematography. This time I hope the project will be carried out by a small team. This is an ambitious project and I want to improve my game design skills significantly.

Although its rating on the Valve store is “mostly positive,” with over 12,000 user reviews, the title on the Steam Only Up page has been changed to “unavailable” and cannot be purchased. But the game description and player data still work.






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