Sound Effects in Armored Core VI Recorded Directly from the Iron Factory

Often overlooked when dealing with fantastic elements, but it becomes talked about when the design is not good, the extraordinary efforts put in by the audio designers, sound directors, and music composers behind a game are indeed worthy of appreciation.

Often gamers don’t realize that games are often created without sound, even though the immersive sensation that is supposed to exist requires sound elements to replicate real-world experiences or simulate something similar.

Sound effects in Armored Core VI

In From Software’s latest game, Armored Core VI, they pushed the boundaries by delivering a more realistic sound experience. In Armored Core VI, the experience of riding giant robots made of metal is enhanced by various sound effects that provide an extraordinary sensation.

To achieve this, an important role was given to Kota Hosnino as composer and also sound director. To create accurate sound effects in Armored Core VI, the developers revealed that they had to record sounds directly from iron and steel factories.

However, it is not clear whether the same recording process was also used in creating the original soundtrack featured in the game. Currently, Armored Core VI itself can be played on various platforms.

Which From Software and Bandai Namco achieved great success with its release. What do you think From Software will develop after the success of this game? Interesting to wait.

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