Solution for Zenfone 4 Failed to Update to Lollipop 5.0

Adro-POP – Overcoming Zenfone 4 Failed to Update Lollipop – Asus Zenfone 4 is a smartphone that was successful in its marketing, equipped with good specifications, this cellphone is able to attract smartphone lovers around the world, plus its cool and stylish design adds a luxurious impression to its body.

And a few days ago Asus officially announced that asus zenfone You can now update the latest Android, namely Lollipop.

However, some users experience failure when they want to update their Zenfone 4 KitKat to Lollipop. Usually an error notification will appear indicating that your Zenfone 4 failed to update to the latest Android version.

Usually this is caused because you have made modifications to the default application on your Asus Zenfone 4. whether it’s rooted, the application is modified by adding scripts or code and tweaks so on.

And of course, to overcome this, you need to flash your device to restore your cellphone to its original state completely. For the steps, please see the following tutorial.

Flashing Tutorial

  1. First, please download the RAW Kitkat 6.5.27 Firmware. After downloading, please copy it to the External Memory (microSD) (not in a folder). make sure the file name is correct ie A400CG_all_ww_user-V6.5.27.raw
  2. Turn off your cellphone then enter Droidboot by: in the off state, press Power and Volume UP (+) buttons simultaneously until it vibrates and an image of an android wearing a yellow helmet appears.
  3. Select SD Download (press the Vol Down (-) and Vol Up (+) buttons to scroll up and down, and the Power button to select).
  4. Wait until the process is complete, this will take approximately 15 minutes.
  5. After the installation is complete and the phone is on, please continue by updating the Zenfone 4 to Android Lollipop OS manually or via OTA (Over The Air). For how to update, please read How to Upgrade Zenfone 4 to Lollipop.






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