Sites Apart from Yandex Anti-Block Without Free & Best VPN 2023

News – Search engines are now needed by many people. The reason is that by using a search engine we will be able to get a lot of the information we need. Well, if the reader really wants to search sites other than Yandex For the search engine, you can see it here.

The reason is that in this article we will present several types of sites that can be used for search engines. Of course, with several types of search engines, readers will be able to find these various things more easily.

For this reason, if you are curious and also want to know about this application, you can immediately see the discussion below. We will present several sites that can also be used without VPN and are also anti-blocking.

A collection of sites other than Yandex without VPN that can be used easily

Maybe most people only know about search engines in the form of Yandex or Google. The reason is that these two search engines are the ones that are most often used when carrying out any kind of search. However, it turns out that there are not just those tools or search engines.

However, in the future there will be lots of search engines on the internet. Search engines or sites other than Yandex This will of course be able to provide users with various information easily and quickly. That’s why many people are curious about what other sites they can use.

If readers also want to know, go straight to the discussion below. Because we will convey important information about several sites that can be used easily to search for and get cool and easy information.


The site other than Yandex that can be used is the Dogpile site. On this site, users will be able to immediately get various kinds of interesting information. The interesting information on this site does not just come from one source.

The reason is that the sources of information that can be obtained from this site come from three sites at once. Such as Yahoo, Google and Yandex sites. Doesn’t that mean that this search site is a complete site and can be used easily?

Apart from that, there is one fact that will make many people less confident. Yes, one of the facts is that this search site is the oldest site. So, it will definitely provide users with various kinds of interesting information.

Not only that, on the Dogpile site users will be able to get broader searches compared to other search engines. So, if you really want to try using this site, just use it easily.


For those who frequently search in a tool called Google, of course users will be able to immediately get search results from Bing. Yes, Bing is a search engine or sites other than Yandex which will later be able to be used easily and uniquely.

Indeed, the Bing site is a site that can be said to be the largest. In fact, this site is the second largest under Google. Isn’t this site very cool? By using the Bing site, people will be able to immediately get various information easily.

Users will later be able to obtain all kinds of existing information. Not only that, if you want to use the Bing site, users can immediately choose their own appearance. Because the appearance that will be provided in this application can be changed according to the user’s own needs and desires.

Changing and using themes on this site can be done easily and of course for free. That’s why, just use it and try the Bing site on your device to get cool things.


A sophisticated site that has been sought after by many people is the Startpage site. Indeed, this site can be said to be sophisticated because it provides things that are rarely found and are not even found in other search engine applications. Yes, one of the things that is present is the ad blocking feature.

So, if you usually use other search engine sites, users will get advertisements when searching, but if you use this site, that’s no longer the case. You can search directly using the Startpage site easily and also without any advertising interference in it.

That way, users can immediately get results from their searches without any difficult words or other words. For those who really don’t like advertising on this site, this site is very suitable to use. So, you can just try accessing the Startpage site now.

Wolfram Alpha

If the News reader is one of the people who wants to look for sites to find information about knowledge, you can immediately read and find out about the sites in this section. Yes, the Wolfram Alpha site will indeed provide users with capabilities that are rarely found.

Usually, if you want to use a site and look for information about knowledge, you will be a little hesitant. Maybe many people think that if they use a site, the knowledge they are looking for will be incorrect or inappropriate.

However, if you use the Wolfram Alpha site, users don’t need to be afraid anymore. The reason is, on the Wolfram Alpha site users will be able to get very accurate information about science. In it there are many explanations that can be obtained.

Apart from that, the Wolfram Alpha site will also be able to provide users with a different display than similar sites. The appearance can be said to be concise and also makes it easier for anyone who uses it.


Sites other than Yandex This does have many variations. Starting from variations that provide a level of accuracy of knowledge, maintained privacy and so on. So, the site that will be discussed in this section is a site called DuckDuckGo.

On the DuckDuckGo site, users will find a logo with a cartoon duck. On this site, users will be able to directly search more safely and also maintain their privacy. Because most people who want to use applications like this really think about the security of their privacy.

Well, that’s why many people really like using the DuckDuckGo site. Later, when you do a search on this site, history what is there will not be seen by people.

These are some sites that can be used besides Yandex easily and for free. If you really want to try it, you can just choose one of the sites that can be used easily.

List of Anti-Blocking Sites Apart from Yandex Best Safe

If you want to use sites other than Yandex others and can be used without difficulty and is also anti-blocking, see the discussion in this section. Because the discussion in this section will give users several sites that they can use.

So anyone who wants to use a site other than Yandex safely, just read the information. There are at least 3 applications that News readers will definitely be able to use.


To use a site that really protects the privacy of the people who use it, this is a site called Gibiru. On this site, of course it will provide users with various cool and very diverse things. This makes the Gibiru site the most used and desired site.

When later searching on the Gibiru site, users can immediately say several things. Starting from the search appearance feature to the appearance feature, you can adjust it according to your wishes. Like when you want to make settings for the search appearance.

Usually on other sites, users only need to accept whatever things will be provided from the site, but on this site you can set what you want to display. all results or just a few. Of course, if you only display a few, the filtering is very strict.

So, it can be adjusted to suit the needs of each user. You need a lot of applications or you need a site that only has a few things.


If you are looking for a site that can be used by children very safely and comfortably, you can directly use the Qwant site. On this search engine site, there will be many settings that can be adjusted and used according to people’s needs.

Maybe there are people who need a complete search site and also a special search engine. If it were on a commonly used site, of course something like this wouldn’t be possible. Where users can only use sites that match their initial settings.

However, on this site, of course it will be different. Because on the site users will be able to get settings for children. So later it can be used with children safely without anything inappropriate or other.s

Of course, this last site is already a site that is familiar to people. The reason is that when using this site, users can immediately search easily and also get super complete and super detailed information.

The site is a site that provides complete information no matter what you are looking for. Starting from knowledge, how to use it, and up to other things random Later it will also be able to be used on the site. How do you want to immediately try and choose this site?

If that’s the case, you can directly access this site. Access is easy and also free. Apart from that, there is no need for any payment on this site.

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