SiliconMotion Estimates First PCIe Gen5 SSD-Powered Notebook Will Be Introduced in Late 2024

SiliconMotion expects that the first notebooks featuring the next-generation PCIe Gen5 SSD storage solution will arrive later this year.

This information comes from SiliconMotion product manager Liu Yaoren, who stated that the first notebooks featuring the PCIe Gen5 SSD storage solution will be available in retail stores by the end of 2024. That also seems to be the reason why SiliconMotion wants to rush with its SM2508 IC. is coming which will enable support for faster storage devices.

The SiliconMotion SM2508 is a next-generation PCIe Gen5 SSD controller that will rival Phison’s E26, offering transfer speeds of up to 14 GB/s, 2.5 Million IOPs, and support for 3D TLC/QLC NAND. This high-end SSD controller will also be followed by mainstream solutions, but it seems that the company will focus on the high-end segment first, just like launching on PC (desktop).

Source: SiliconMotion

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Additional specifications were also confirmed such as the SM2508 Controller using a 6nm node from TSMC and featuring a dual-core ARM Cortex R8 CPU for compute workloads inside the controller. This memory controller will also operate at a TDP of 3.5W which probably makes it one of the most efficient solutions out there and a good reason to adopt it on a notebook without sacrificing much performance. PCIe Gen5 SSDs offer almost twice the speed of current Gen4 SSDs, but have the drawback of higher heat output so it will be interesting to see how notebook manufacturers manage this.

There are already several laptops such as the MSI 2023 series that come with compatible PCIe Gen5 SSDs. You can install a retail Gen5 SSD into the slot, but keep in mind that most Gen5 solutions come with large heatsinks that may not be compatible with the notebook’s chassis.

In terms of products, we can expect some high-end Intel Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh products to also launch this fall to take advantage of next-gen storage solutions. Both companies will also be showing off their newest products, including next-generation notebooks and laptops featuring Gen5 SSDs at CES 2024, so stay tuned for more information at that time.

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