Save TikTok No Watermark Telegram (+ How to Use)

Many TikTok users want to download videos from TikTok without including the user’s username watermark. And on this occasion, we will discuss about Save TikTok No Watermark Telegram.

Where we will discuss how to download TikTok videos without a watermark using bots from Telegram.

Currently, TikTok is becoming its own trendsetter among several lists of other social media products. The TikTok platform has a special page like FYP which contains viral videos.

So the average TikTok user is not afraid of losing viral content because every day FYP always displays fresh and updated content.

Apart from that, the short video duration is one of the reasons why they are comfortable installing the following application. So we are given the opportunity to explore other content without having to take up a lot of time.

Because there are so many viral and interesting videos, sometimes we feel like saving or downloading these videos into memory storage.

On TikTok, there is already a button Downloadsbut unfortunately if we use these tools, the downloaded video will appear like watermark.

Meanwhile, most people prefer TikTok videos without including the creator’s username watermark.

Save TikTok No Watermark Telegram

This time we will try to save TikTok videos without a watermark using the help of the Telegram bot application.

And the Telegram bot that we use in this tutorial is called @tik_tok_downloader_bot (TikiTok Downloader).

Before starting the tutorial, make sure you first install Telegram on your Android or iOS cellphone.

Android Users:

iOS Users:

Once installed, please register and log in using your telephone number. Then please follow the steps below:

  1. Please open the application TikTok.
  2. Then search for videos that you want to download.
  3. Click the button Share which we mark below.
  4. Then press the button Copy Link.
  5. If it has been copied, open the application Telegram.
  6. Tap search icon in the top right corner.
  7. Just type tik_tok_downloader_botor click the link here to go direct.
  8. Push Start.
  9. Paste link to your TikTok video at chat box.
  10. Then Send.
  11. Once the video appears, open it and tap the button Downloads.
  12. Finished.

The final word

So that’s the content of the review article regarding Save TikTok No Watermark Telegram using a bot called TikiTok Downloader.

Please follow the tutorial that we discussed above to save TikTok videos without having to include a watermark. That’s enough for the content of this article and see you with other tips. Hope it is useful.






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